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  • advanced game programming techniques
  • game software architectures
  • artificial intelligence

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Complex topics covered by Advanced game development Online experts :

  • physics simulation
  • event-based and model-based simulation of game environments

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Topics for Advanced game development

2D/3D Graphics
Input management
Event Based Programming
Time Based Animation
Basic Sound
Object Based Organization of Game Programs
Anatomy of a Game Program
Game Design
State Machines
Managing Game Time
Game GUI Implementation
3D Math
Network Programming
Audio Programming
Commercial  Source Game Engines
Open Source Game Engines
Game Mathematics
General C++
Tools Programming
Asset Management
Mobile  Programming
Handheld Programming
translating analog mechanics
strategies into digital media
innovations in casual
innovations in serious
art game development
social  dynamics game structures
interpersonal dynamics game structures
advanced techniques in iteration
game balancing
Basics of 3D Graphics
Building 3D Worlds
Lighting Techniques
Game Engine Creation
Game Engine Usage
Game Scripting Languages
Networked Gaming Algorithms

Version Control,Listener Analogy for Managers,Puppet Analogy for ActorsHeader Management,Organizing the main loop components,XML,Data-Driven Properties,Debugging Techniques,Remote DebuggingScripting, Lua,Common Helper Functionality,Tracking User Statistics,Event System OptimizationCustom Memory AllocationResource Management,Streaming Technology,Hardware Issues in Game Programming,Multiprocessor systems,GPUs,Systems Design,2D Animation,3D Animation,Scene graph,Game Programming



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