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Advanced Soil Mechanics And Foundation Design Assignment help 

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Advanced soil mechanics is intended to give a hypothetical system to the examination of disfigurement and disappointment of soils with application to a few down to earth issues. These incorporate versatility for straight misshapening, pliancy models (counting basic state display) for non-direct disfigurement and point of confinement balance investigations for vital geotechnical issues. In, cutting edge soil mechanics we find out about the Basic mechanics connected to soils, Failure hypothesis for soils and Shear Strength, Limit balance examinations for (a) slant insecurity, (b) sidelong earth weight, and (c) bearing limit of establishments.

Additionally, we likewise find out about Elasticity for straight twisting of soils, Theory of pliancy for the nonlinear misshapening of soils, Critical state show for the distortion and quality of soils, Limit investigations for some geotechnical issues.

Likewise, it has constraints as well and here some are Conventional test techniques, Geotechnical people group's inclination toward observational strategies, Progressive disappointment, Strain restriction, Soil conduct forecast is a multiscale issue these all are the present confinements. The eventual fate of the propelled soil mechanics are Better material science based understanding the related themes to this is Multi-scale models: interface miniaturized scale , meso-, and full scale reactions, Statistical Thermodynamics/Conservation of Energy, Advanced testing to portray smaller scale and meso-scale conduct.

Thus, these are the future bearings of propel soil mechanics. Presently, need to learn propelled soil mechanics in view of information of soil mechanics is fundamental to guarantee that the structures are legitimately upheld. This can block basic harm and disappointment, death toll, budgetary demolish, and so on. For all intents and purposes all CE compose structures in the long run come into contact with soil through their establishments. (i.e. spans, office structures, seaward boring apparatuses, etc.).So, In brief, all branches of structural designing require a comprehension of soil propelled soil mechanics.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Soil aggregate, Plasticity, And classification ,Soil—separate size limits , Clay minerals , Nature of water in clay , Repulsive potential , Repulsive pressure , Flocculation and dispersion of clay particles , Consistency of cohesive soils
  • Liquidity index , Activity , Grain-size distribution of soil , Weight–volume relationships , Relative density and relative compaction,Effect of roundness and nonplastic fines on emax and emin for granular soils 
  • Unified soil classification system, Stresses and strains—elastic equilibrium , Sign conventions for stresses ,Equations of static equilibrium , Concept of strain , Hooke’s law , Plane strain problems , Equations of compatibility for three-dimensional problems
  • Stresses on an inclined plane and principal stresses for plane strain problems , Strains on an inclined plane and principal strain for plane strain problems , Stress components on an inclined plane,Principal stress
  • Octahedral stresses—three-dimensional case , Strain components on an inclined plane, Principal strain, And octahedral strain—three-dimensional case,Stresses and displacements in a soil mass,Vertical line load on the surface 
  • Vertical line load on the surface of a finite layer , Vertical line load inside a semi-infinite mass , Horizontal line load on the surface , Horizontal line load inside a semi-infinite mass , Uniform vertical loading on an infinite strip on the surface 

Advanced Soil Mechanics And Foundation Design

  • Uniform strip load inside a semi-infinite mass,Uniform horizontal loading on an infinite strip on the surface , Triangular normal loading on an infinite strip on the surface , Vertical stress in a semi-infinite mass due to embankment loading 
  • Stresses due to a vertical point load on the surface,Deflection due to a concentrated point load at the surface , Horizontal point load on the surface , Stresses below a circularly loaded flexible area,Vertical displacement due to uniformly loaded circular area at the surface 
  • Vertical stress below a rectangular loaded area on the surface , Deflection due to a uniformly loaded flexible rectangular area , Stresses in a layered medium , Vertical stress at the interface of a three-layer flexible system 
  • Distribution of contact stress over footings , Reliability of stress calculation using the theory of elasticity,Pore water pressure due to undrained loading ,Pore water pressure developed due to isotropic stress application 
  • Pore water pressure parameter b ,Pore water pressure due to uniaxial loading , Directional variation of af , Pore water pressure under triaxial test conditions ,Henkel’s modification of pore water pressure equation 
  • Pore water pressure due to one-dimensional strain loading,Permeability and seepage ,Darcy’s law , Validity of darcy’s law , Determination of coefficient of permeability in the laboratory , Variation of coefficient of permeability for granular soils
  • Variation of coefficient of permeability for cohesive soils , Directional variation of permeability in anisotropic medium , Effective coefficient of permeability for stratified soils,Determination of coefficient of permeability in the field 
  • Factors affecting the coefficient of permeability , Electroosmosis , Equation of continuity , Use of continuity equation for solution of simple flow problem , Flow nets , Hydraulic uplift force under a structure , Flow nets in anisotropic material , Construction of flow nets for hydraulic structures on nonhomogeneous subsoils

Generally topics like Curves, Total Settlement of Wide Embankments , Stress Distribution, Multi-Loaded areas, Time Rate of Consolidation , Mohr’s Circle, Measurement of Shear Strength, Mohr-Coulomb Failure Envelope are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Shear Strength of Sand and Clay, Bearing Capacity and Shape Factors , Bearing Capacity on Sand and Clay, Stress–strain analysis , Critical state soil mechanics.

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Numerical analysis of seepage , Seepage force per unit volume of soil mass , Safety of hydraulic structures against piping , Filter design , Calculation of seepage through an earth dam resting on an impervious base ,
  • Plotting of phreatic line for seepage through earth dams , Entrance, Discharge, And transfer conditions of line of seepage through earth dams , Flow net construction for earth dams,Consolidation ,Theory of one-dimensional consolidation ,
  • Degree of consolidation under time-dependent loading , Numerical solution for one-dimensional consolidation,Standard one-dimensional consolidation test and interpretation , Effect of sample disturbance on the e versus log curve ,
  • Secondary consolidation,General comments on consolidation tests , Calculation of one-dimensional consolidation settlement , Coefficient of consolidation , One-dimensional consolidation with viscoelastic models ,
  • Constant rate-of-strain consolidation tests,Constant-gradient consolidation test , Sand drains , Numerical solution for radial drainage , General comments on sand drain problems ,Shear strength of soils , Mohr–coulomb failure criteria,
  • Shearing strength of granular soils , Critical void ratio , Curvature of the failure envelope , General comments on the friction angle of granular soils , Shear strength of granular soils under plane strain condition ,
  • Shear strength of cohesive soils , Unconfined compression test , Modulus of elasticity and poisson’s ratio from triaxial tests,Friction angles , Effect of rate of strain on the undrained shear strength , Effect of temperature on the undrained shear strength ,
  • Stress path , Hvorslev’s parameters , Relations between moisture content, Effective stress, And strength for clay soils ,,Correlations for effective stress friction angle , Anisotropy in undrained shear strength,Sensitivity and thixotropic characteristics of clays 
  • Vane shear test , Relation of undrained shear strength and effective overburden pressure, Creep in soils , Other theoretical considerations—yield surfaces in three dimensions , Experimental results to compare the yield functions,
  • Settlement of shallow foundations , Modulus of elasticity and poisson’s ratio , Settlement based on theory of elasticity , Generalized average elastic settlement equation , Improved equation for elastic settlement

Advanced Soil Mechanics and Foundation Design

  • Calculation of elastic settlement in granular soil using simplified strain influence factor , One-dimensional primary consolidation settlement calculation , Skempton–bjerrum modification for calculation of consolidation settlement,
  • Settlement of overconsolidated clays , Settlement calculation using stress path , Comparison of primary consolidation settlement calculation procedures , Secondary consolidation settlement , Precompression for improving foundation soils, 
  • Weight-volume relationships,Grain-size distribution,Atterberg limits,Soil classification,Exploration and sampling,Soil compaction,Soil permeability,Total and effective stress,Seepage and flow nets, Soil behaviour,
  • Soil models,Numerical analysis using plaxis,Plasticity methods,Soil mechanics, Soil plasticity, Unsaturated soil mechanics, Soil dynamics and earthquake geotechnics, Elastic and visco-plastic deformation of footings,
  • Pile group and piled raft design, Pile driving test and design.,Phase Relations,Soil Mineralogy,Index Properties,Soil Classification,Interparticle Forces,Dry Soil,Principal Stresses,Stress Paths,Stress Distributions,
  • Stress-Strain Behavior of Sands,Strength of Sands,Mohr-Coulomb Theory,Lateral Earth Pressure,Rankine Theory,Bearing Capacity & Settlement of Shallow,Soil with Water ,No flow or Steady Flow,Effective Stress Concept,
  • Dimensional Flow,Permeability & Flow Nets,Drained Stress-Strain and Strength Behavior,Stability of Drained Slopes and Retaining Walls,Bearing Capacity and Settlements of Shallow,Soil with Water – Transient Flow,
  • Consolidation Theory,Stress-Strain and Strength during Undrained,Loading,Slopes, Retaining Walls, and Shallow,Foundations during Undrained Loading,effective stress
  • Hydraulic conductivity ,groundwater seepage,shear strength and stability analyses,stress-deformation properties, consolidatoin theory ,calculation of settlements for clays and sands

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Complex topics for help:

  • construction of caissons ,stress–strain analysis ,consolidation theory , design of shallow and deep foundations
  • vertical and horizontal loads , Pile Foundations ,Lateral Loading , Bearing Capacity 
  • Settlement Calculations , Numerical Modelling , Foundation Design ,Shallow Footings , Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
  • Time-dependent loading ,radial drainage and wick drains
  • vertical and radial drainage


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