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Advanced Structural Analysis
Analysis of any structure is performed based on some assumptions. These assumptions reflects the purpose and features of the structure, type of loads and operating conditions, properties of materials, etc. Structural analysis is divided into three large principal groups as a whole i.e. static analysis, stability, and vibration analysis. Static analysis defines that the loads act without any dynamical effects. Moving loads implies that only the position of the load is variable. Static analysis combines with the analysis of a structure strength and stiffness.
Static linear analysis (SLA) is the analysis which determines the internal forces and displacements due to time-independent loading conditions. Static linear analysis is based on the material of a structure which obeys Hook’s law, displacements of a structure should small, all constraints are two-sided which means that if constraint prevents displacement in some direction then this constraint prevents displacement in the opposite direction as well, and the parameters of a structure do not change under loading.

Following are the some of the major topics of Advance Structure analysis:-
  • Axial stiffness
  • Axial flexibility
  • Axial stiffness
  • One-dimensional axial structures
  • Plane trusses
  • Space trusses
  • Reduced stiffness method for beams
  • Continuous beams
  • Matrix analysis of beams and grids
  • Analysis of elastic instability
Advanced Structural Analysis includes :  
  • Displacements and linear elastic material behavior,nonlinear analysis of structures, ,Matrix force,Displacement methods of structural analysis, Virtual work theorem
  • Virtual forces,Displacements,Theorems on stationary value of total,Complementary potential energy,Minimum total potential energy, Maxwell/betti theorems
  • Effects of approximations,Finite element analysis, ,temperature,settlement,fabrication errors,computer analysis techniques, plastic analysis, Degree of kinematic
  • static indeterminacy ,Linear elastic behaviour of structures ,matrix structural analysis ,framed structures ,stiffness method, Non-linear behaviour of structures (material non-linearity)
  • Plastic analysis of framed structures,Non-linear behaviour of structures (geometric non-linearity),Critical loads and buckling modes of framed structures;
  • Structural dynamics,natural frequencies of framed structures ,harmonic and transient loads,Elastic and plastic analysis of plates,elastic solution of plates ,Plastic solution of plates


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