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Affiliate Program  Everyday Earning Model
Be an Affiliate & Earn Everyday

You can become Affiliate and earn every day. There is a great earning potential for all the affiliates who have direct contact with the colleges, Universities or schools. You need to promote our services Online Tutoring & Assignment help to students and who will register on our website and pay for the assignments & Tutoring.


Zero Investment and Everyday Earning

To become an affiliate you need no investment and still you will be able to earn, you can promote yourself as an affiliate and ask the students to post assignments on our website. The moment they make the payment the money will be transferred to your Affiliate Account. You can also post assignments on their behalf and make payments. As an Affiliate you can Email us the complete information about the students like Email Address, and Subject. You can also ask them to post Assignments to our support ID with your reference.


Everyday Money Calendar

We offer 10% of the total money which any student will pay. You can keep meeting the students again & again to see if they have paid. You can also post multiple Assignments on our website and make the combined payments. This way you will be able to save good amount of money. You can send us multiple Assignments by email and discuss the combined costing on our website chat.

Let’s calculate your Money Chart

Lets calculate the Money involved in total 10 transaction and rest you can calculate yourself. Suppose you refer 10 Students and they Paid $100 each. You will be get $100. You can easily refer students who need any service like Assignment Help or Online Tutoring.


Please send us an email at with your complete name & Phone number with country code and start Earning Every day.


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