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Biotechnology is considered as the science of genetic manipulation, or the technology of industrial exploitation of biochemical systems, genetically modified..
Applications of bioprocesses have created an environment of great interest. Microorganisms are now utilised to produce fine chemicals, fuel and food.

Industrial microbiology has been revolutionised by the ability to genetically engineer cells to make many new products.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Cell Growth,Cell Mass Concentration,Direct weight method, Optical density method, Indirect method, Packed cell volume, Exponential Growth, Lag Phase Enzymes, Hierarchy Of Protein Structure, Monosaccharides, Nucleic Acids, Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharides, RNA Catalytic Proteins Michaeli,s Constant Michaelis Menten, Kinetics Properties Of Enzymes, Protective Proteins, Purines, Pyrimidines Transport, Proteins Adenine Competitive Inhibitors, Cytosine Enzyme, Immobilization, Guanine Inhibition Of Enzymes, Kinetics Of Enzyme Catalyzed Reaction, Non Competitive Inhibitors, Thymine Uncompetitive Inhibitors, Lineweaver Burk Plot
  • Reversible Enzyme, Inhibition Enzyme Efficiency, Enzyme Substrate, Complex External Mass Transfer Resistance, Intraparticle Diffusion And Reaction, Modulation & Regulation Of Enzyme Activity, Significance Of Information Contained In Dna Substrate Concentration, Dependence Archaebacteria Batch Reactors, Bioreactor Eubacteria, Eukaryotes, Fungi Ideal Plug Flow Reactors, Oxygen Uptake Rate Prokaryotes, Aerobic Fermentation, Molds Regulatory Proteins, Turnover Number,Diafiltration Good Manufacturing, Practice Sparged ,Agitated Vessels
  • Filtration Centrifugation, Cell Disruption, Liquid-Liquid Extractions, Dialysis Ultra Filtration, Amylase (Diastase), Application Of Biotechnology, Analytical Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Autotrophic, Biochemical Nutrition, Biochemistry Genetics, Biology Research Lab, BioChemistry, Cell Biology, Biochemical Processes, Biomolecules, Biotech Solutions, Monomers, Monosaccharides, DNA Fingerprinting, Chromatography, Dehydration Synthesis, Deoxyribonucleic Acid, Dual Polarisation Interferometry, Electron Microscopy And Molecular Dynamics, Endocrine System, Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions, Environment Studies

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Lineweaver-Burk Plot, Mutation Selectio, Dna Libraries, Biosynthesis Reverse, Osmosis Gel Permeation, Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Crystallization, Drying Yield, Coefficients Bubble Column, Fermentors Chemostat, Chemostats With Recycle, Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer In Cellular Systems, Heat Generation By Microbial Growth, Material Balance On Substrate, Overall Kla Estimates Scale-Down Of Bioreactors, Scale-Up Of Bioreactors Stirred, Tanks Cstr With Recycle And Cell Growth, Packed Bed Reactors Using Immobilized Catalysts, Sterilization Reactors, Algae Protozoa Structural Proteins, Yeasts, TCA Cycle, Aseptic Fermentation, Deceleration Growth Phase, Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions In CSTR, Oxygen Transfer Rate, Specific Rate Stationary Phase, ATP Culture Media Defined Medium EMP Pathway
  • Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Disaccharides DNA, Fueling For Energy Precurso,r Metabolites, Prototrophs, Auxotrophs, Defined Media Complex, Media Fueling Reactions, Pentose Phosphate Cycle, Anapleurotic Reactions, Mechanisms For Fueling Reactions, Aerobic Growth, Anaerobic Growth Fermentation, Fed-Batch Reactor, Death Phase Maintenance, Bubble Column Fermentators & Ultrafiltration, Purification By UltrafiltrationGenetic Code (DNA, RNA), Genetic Testing, Membrane Transport, Physiological Chemistr, Polymerase Chain Reaction, NMR Spectroscopy, Nucleotides Nucleotides Plant Biotechnology Protein Synthesis Radioisotopic Labeling Polymers, Polysaccharides, Enzyme Biotechnology, Fuel Biotechnology, Metabolism, Physiology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Ribonucleic Acid, Parasitology, Photobiology, Biosafety And Intellectual Property Rights, RNA Interference, Signal Transduction, Hydroxyl Group, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Genomics And Proteonomics
  • Protein structure, nucleic acid structure, methods of protein and nucleic acid characterization, structure and function of hemoglobin, evolution and bioinformatics, enzyme kinetics, enzyme regulatory, DNA replication, RNA synthesis & processing, protein synthesis, carbohydrates,lipid memebranes,membrane channels & pumps, signal trasnduction, glycolysis & gluconegenesis,TCA cycle, Oxidative phosphorylatin, glycogen metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, drug development, Foundations of Biochemistry, Amino Acids & Peptides,GlycobiologyNucleotides and Nucleic Acids, Biological Membranes & Transport, BiosignalingBioenergetics and Biochemical Reaction Types, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Metabolic Regulation,Citric Acid Cycle, Fatty Acid Catabolism, Amino Acid Oxidation & the Production of Urea, Oxidative Phosphorylation & Photophosphorylation, Biosynthesis of Amino Acids & Nucleotides, Genes and Chromosomes, Protein Metabolism, Regulation of Gene Expression

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