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Topics for Brain and Behaviour

  • Cognitive Psychology, Nature-nurture debate, Psychology of language, Psychology of learning, First impressions and intuition, Self, self-concept and self esteem, Personality, temperament and self-presentation, Social interaction and observing interaction, Professional interactions, Power balance, establishing equality in professional interactions, Group formation and structure
  • Performance , decision making in groups and observing group performance, Roles in groups and multidisciplinary teams , biopsychology , structure of the neuron, Mechanisms of nerve impulse transmission , synaptic transmission, Neurotransmitters, nature, synthesis and breakdown, Receptors and drug effects, Basic neuroanatomy, gross structure of the brain, voluntary and autonomic nervous systems and their functions
  • Research methods in biological psychology, psychology , physiology of stress, The biopsychology of the emotions, Physiological bases of depression , schizophrenia, drug treatment of mental illness, Key findings , methodologies in cognitive neuroscience, biological psychology, Anatomy of the brain & central nervous system, The function of the neuron, psychopharmacology  , Hormones and behavior, Biopsychology of depression and schizophrenia, Biopsychology of emotion and stress , TBA, The emergence of cognitive neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience of action , Cognitive control, ain Anatomy, Neurobiological Theories of Depression


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