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Chemistry : -

Chemistry is a very interesting topic in which we studied about the chemicals. It also concerns the structure and behavior of atoms the composition and properties of compounds, the reactions between substances with their accompanying energy exchange, the laws that unite these phenomena into a comprehensive system. Chemistry helps us to understand about the world around us like to taste, touch, and smell things is a chemical. Cooking is chemistry.

When we study chemistry, we understand about how things work. Chemistry is not a secret knowledge, useless to anyone but a scientist. Chemistry is the explanation for everyday things, like why laundry detergent works better in hot water or how baking soda works or why not all medicines work equally well on a headache. If we know some chemistry, we can make educated choices about everyday products that we use.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • microscale processes, real-world processes,  microscale chemistry
  • Generally topics like use powers often to represent a large range of values for a physical quantity, e.g., pH scale Equilibrium is a state of stability due either to a are considered very complex , lack of change (static equilibrium) or a balance between opposing forces (dynamic equilibrium). Describe specific instances of how disturbances might affect a system’s equilibrium, from small disturbances that do not upset the equilibrium to larger disturbances (threshold level) that cause the system to become unstable.

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Advance Chemistry

  •  atom and molecules, reactivity, 3D structure , physical properties, stoichiometry, intermolecular forces, thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibria, electrochemistry , deeper exploration of chemistry
  • Problem Solving in Chemistry,Chemical Principles,Experimental Chemistry Organic Chemistry ,Organic Chemistry ,Laboratory in Organic Chemistry ,Analytical Chemistry,Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chemistry in the Environment,Computational Chemistry,Chemical Spectroscopy,Forensic Chemistry,Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds
  • Physical Chemistry - Thermodynamics,Physical Chemistry - Quantum Chemistry Lasse Jensen,Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics,Molecular Thermodynamics,Chemical Nanoscience
  • Organometallic Chemistry,Symmetry and Spectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry,Materials Chemistry,Polymer Chemistry,Quantum Chemistry
  • Nucleic Acids Chemistry,NMR Spectroscopy for Synthetic and Biological Chemistry,,,Chemistry For Liberal Arts,General Chemistry , General Chemistry & Quantitative Analysis
  • Enhanced Organic Chemistry,Instrumental Analysis,Organic Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics and Kinetics,Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
  • Organic Spectroscopy,Chemical Biology,Chemistry of Biological Molecules ,Chemical Separations,Mass Spectrometry Methods,Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Bond and Spectra,Advanced Inorganic Chemistry,Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry,nomenclature and stoichiometry, Atomic theory
  • bonding and structure,Properties of matter,thermochemistry,thermo dynamics,chemical equilibria,acid base equilibria and kinetics,organic chemistry
  • Environmental chemistry,pollution and pollution control, Electrochemistry, redox,galvanic cells,electrolysis and corrosion

Help For Complex Topics Are:

  • Atoms
  • molecules
  • mole concept
  • chemical equations
  • stoichiometry
  • electron configuration
  • bonding
  • molecular structure
  • energy changes
  • kinetic factors in chemical reactions
  • aqueous chemistry
  • organic chemistry

Few Topics are:

  • Chemical Equilibria
  • chemistry of acids and bases
  • solubility, and precipitation reactions
  • thermodynamics and electrochemistry.
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