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Civil engineering deals with the design and construction of public works which includes roads, bridges, dams and buildings. Material is the core component of civil engineering. Civil engineering deals with the construction materials and advanced materials. Construction materials include timber, steel, cement, etc while advanced materials include polymers that used in the construction industry. Civil engineering involved in the building construction, so they should concerned about the material quality also. Properties of good materials are strength, plasticity, stiffness, toughness, malleability, ductility, brittleness, fatigue strength, creep. Steel is one of the most important in civil engineering. Different materials that involved in the civil engineering are as follows:

  • Stones
  • Bricks
  • Cements
  • Aggregate
  • Timber
  • Bituments
  • Concrete

Stones are derived from the rocks and used in the manufacturing of walls, roofs, arches, floors, etc. a good stone must have some qualities which includes crushing strength, fire proof, texture, hardness and durability. For obtain the bricks, firstly, mould the clay in rectangular block of size and then dry it. After this, burn the dried clay.ood bricks should be standard size, table moulded, well burnt and free from cracks. Cement is another main material of civil engineering which plays an important role in the manufacturing of any building. Good aggregate should be hard, strong, free from grass and roots and durable. Nowadays, modern materials are also used in the civil engineering which includes wood, metal, glass, fabric and many more.

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  • Properties and variability, Aggregates, Cement, Asphalt concrete,Non-destructive Testing, Concrete Technology, Admixtures, Additions, Rheology Of Fresh Concrete, Lightweight Concrete, High Performance Concrete, Durability Of Concrete Construction, High Alumina Cement, Sustainability, Construction Materials,Manufacture , properties of cements, hydration mechanisms of cements, microstructure of hardened cement paste
  • Properties of aggregates, Properties of fresh concrete, Properties of hardened concrete, methods of testing, Durability of hardened concrete materials, components for brickwork, blockwork masonry construction, Structural behaviour,movements of masonry, Durability , non-structural properties of masonry, Sustainability in civil engineering materials, Structures, stress , Strain, combination failure criteria, Elastic theory of bending , torsion,Linear elastic analysis of statically determinate structures
  • Linear elastic analysis of statically indeterminate structures, Qualitative structural analysis, Materials, Portland Cement, Manufacture, Composition , Hydration,Classification of Other Cements, Modified PC, CRMs, non-Portland cements, Aggregates , admixtures, Fresh Concrete , Curing, Hardened concrete, Strength, testing , variation, Durability of Concrete, Sustainability Concrete

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