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Class Modeling :

Class modelling refers to the concept of representing the static class objects in an object-oriented software system and the relationships between them.It consist two types of relationship i.e generalization (inheritance) and aggregation (whole-part) in which class name, its attributes and operations are shown by each class object on the diagram. Many developer uses the standardized UML of class modelling notation and it also utilized for Details like data types for attributes and arguments for operations can also be shown on the diagram for some notations.

The class model shows static class objects in a framework and the connections between them. The words "class" and "item" are regularly utilized as though they are the same, all things considered they are most certainly not. An item is somebody or something, similar to the individual "John" or this report. It can be solid like "The Eiffel Tower" or unique like "France". Formally put, an item is something with properties, connections, conduct and a character. 

A class is a meaning of articles that have the same sort of properties, connections and conduct, similar to the class Employee may characterize the properties "name", "age" and "representative number" and may characterize an association with the class Department. An article is a particular occasion of a class, similar to "John" may be a case of the class Employee. In the setting of framework improvement we characterize classes with properties and conduct that are applicable for the System under Discussion (SuD). 

Class Modeling is the undertaking of determining these classes utilizing a particular language as a part of which the properties are called qualities, the relations are called affiliations and conduct is characterized as operations. UML class displaying is stage free, so it is not about Java, nor C#.


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