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Compiler is used to translate the program language into machine language which can be easily understood by computer. This whole process is termed as compilation process .

Examples of software development tools are scanner generators , Parser generators , syntax – directed translation engines, automatic code generators and Data – flow engines . 

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Lexical Analysis and Lex/Flex ,Structures for OOLs, heap management ,algorithms ,Code Generation, High-level
  • Syntax Analysis and Yacc/Bison ,name spaces, and external interfaces ,The Procedure Abstraction ,Syntax-Directed Translation ,type Checking
  • Context-sensitive Analysis, III, Ad-hoc syntax-directed translation, with examples ,The Procedure Abstraction, control abstraction

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Run-Time Environments ,Intermediate Code Generation ,Code Generation ,Code Optimization ,Local Register Allocation ,Intro to Scanning, Recognizers, Regular expressions ,The Cycle of Constructions,
  • Thompson's construction, Subset construction,Scanning Wrap up, DFA Minimization ,Parsing, Derivations, Precedence, & Ambiguity ,Top-down Parsing, Backtracking, Removing left recursion ,Top-down Parsing,
  • Building Recursive Descent and LL(1) parsers ,Bottom-up Parsing, Idea and Its Implementation ,Bottom-up Parsing, Building up to the LR(1) table construction ,Bottom-up Parsing, The LR(1) Table Construction ,Parsing Wrap Up,
  • Filling in the LR(1) table, hierarchies of CFGs and CFLs ,Context,sensitive Analysis, The problems, Introduction to attribute grammars Context-sensitive Analysis, II ,Evaluation methods for AGs, Circularity, 
  • Proliferation of copy rules, Non-local computation ,Name Spaces & Symbol Tables ,Procedure Abstraction, Symbol Tables & Storage Layout ,The Procedure Abstraction, IV, Allocating Storage and Establishing Addressability ,
  • Procedure Calls & Dispatch,  Instruction Selection, Peephole-based Selection ,Tree-pattern Matching for Instruction Selection ,Local Instruction Scheduling, with Applications ,Instruction Scheduling: Beyond Basic Blocks ,
  • Optimization, Principles & Value Numbering,Compiler-Construction Tools ,Software development tools are available to implement one or more compiler phases ,Scanner generators ,Parser generators ,Syntax-directed translation engines ,Automatic code generators

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Code for Expressions, Assignment, and Arrays ,Boolean and Relational Operators, Conditionals, & Control flow , Procedure Abstraction, V, Run-time Structures for Object-oriented Languages ,The Procedure Abstraction, VI Finishing up Run-time,Data-flow engines .

Topics for Compiler Design Assignment help :
  • Phases of a compiler ,Interpreters , lexical analysis , Regular expressions, Nondeterministic finite automata , Converting a regular expression to an NFA , Optimisations, Deterministic finite automata,
  • NFA to a DFA, Solving set equations, The subset construction, Size versus speed , Minimisation of DFAs, Dead states , Lexers and lexer generators, Lexer generators, Properties of regular languages, Relative expressive power ,
  • Limits to expressive power, Closure properties, syntax analysis , Context-free grammars, Derivation , Syntax trees and ambiguity, Operator precedence, ambiguous expression grammars, sources of ambiguity ,
  • Syntax analysis, Predictive parsing , Nullable and FIRST, Predictive parsing revisited, follow ll(1) parsing Recursive descent Table-driven LL(1) parsing Conflicts Rewriting a grammar for LL(1) parsing,
  • Eliminating left-recursion , left-factorisation, Construction of LL(1) parsers summarized, SLR parsing , Constructing SLR parse tables, Conflicts in SLR parse-tables, Using precedence rules in LR parse tables,
  • Using LR-parser generators, Declarations and actions, Abstract syntax , Conflict handling in parser generators , Properties of context-free languages , symbol tables , Simple persistent symbol tables ,
  • simple imperative symbol table , Efficiency issues , Shared or separate name spaces , type checking , Attributes, A small example language, Environments for type checking, Type-checking expressions 
  • Type checking of function declarations , Type-checking a program, Advanced type checking , intermediate code generation , intermediate language , Generating code from expressions , Examples of translation,
  • Translating statements, Logical operators, Sequential logical operators, Advanced control statements , Translating structured data , Floating-point values , Arrays , Strings , Records/structs and unions,Translating declarations,
  • Simple local declarations, machine-code generation , Conditional jumps, Constants, Exploiting complex machine-code instructions , Two-address instructions , Optimisations, register allocation ,
  • Liveness analysis , Interference, Register allocation by graph colouring , Spilling , Heuristics, Removing redundant moves, FUNCTION CALLS , The call stack , Activation records , Prologues, epilogues and call-sequences 
  • Caller-saves versus callee-saves , Using registers to pass parameters, Interaction with the register allocator , Accessing non-local variables , Global variables , call-by-reference parameters, Nested scopes , Variants, Variable-sized frames,
  • Variable number of parameters, Direction of stack-growth and position of FP, Register stacks , bootstrapping a compiler , Notation , Compiling compilers , Full bootstrap,

Compiler Design Assignment help :

  • syntactic analysis, semantic analysis, code optimization, code generation, High-Level Langauges, Compiler Design, lexical analysis, Context-free Grammars, syntactial analysis, parsing, Semantic Analysis, Optimization,
  • Object Code Generation, Lexical Analysis, Regular Languages, Finite Automata, programming languages, compiler structure, Finite Automata Theory,Regular Expression, Syntactic Analysis, Context-Free Languages,
  • Context Free Languages, Parsing Algorithms for LR Grammars, Shift-Reduce Techniques, Automatic Recognition of CFL, Ambiguity, Semantic Analysis, Syntax-Directed Translation, Limitations of Syntactic Analysis,
  • Type Checking, S-Attributed Grammar, L-Attributed Definitions, Translation to Syntax Trees, DAGs, Evaluation Schemes, Intermediate Representation, Intermediate Code Generation, Intermediate Code Generation,
  • High-level Overview, Intermediate Representation, Three-Address Instructions, Syntax-Directed Translation, Code for Expressions, Arrays, Boolean Operators, Relational Operators, Conditionals, Control flow, Backpatching,
  • Procedure Abstraction, Run-Time Environment, Storage Allocation, control abstraction, name spaces, external interfaces, Name Spaces, Symbol Tables, Storage Layout, Allocating Storage, Establishing Addressability,
  • Code Generation, Relational Operators, Register Allocation, Top-Down Simple Allocation Algorithm, Graph Coloring, Optimization, Control-Flow Analysis, Dominators, Post-Dominators, Finding Loops, Loop Invariant Code,
  • Strength Reduction, Constant Folding, Induction Variable Recognition, Data-Flow Analysis,Compiler:A high-level view of compilation. ,General structure of a compiler.. Lexical Analysis (Scanning):Regular languages/expressions,
  • finite state machines, building regular expressions from a finite automaton.,Syntax Analysis (Parsing):Expressing Syntax, , Context Free Grammars, Top-Down Parsing,Bottom-Up parsing,Semantic Analysis:Context-sensitive analysis:
  • Attribute Grammars,Symbol Tables, Type Checking.,Intermediate Representations:Properties:taxonomy,Graphical IRs, Linear IRs. ,Storage Management:Procedure Abstraction, , Linkage convention, , Run-time storage organisation.,
  • Code Generation:Code Shape, Instruction Selection,Register Allocation, Instruction Scheduling.Compiler Construction:Code Optimisation,JIT Compilation,Scanning,Parsing,Abstract Syntax Tree,Semantic analysis
  • Structure of a compiler,Analysis (lexical, syntax and semantic analysis),Synthesis (intermediate code generation, optimisation and code generation),Compilers vs. interpreters,Analysis of source program,Phases of compiler,Compiler-construction tools,Syntax directed translation. 
  • incremental and interactive compiling
  • error correction
  • code optimization
  • models of code generators
  • compiler optimization techniques
  • classical optimization.


Interpreters Lexical analysis syntax analysis Parsers
Symbol tables  Type checking Intermediate Code generation Machine code generation

Scanner generators

Register allocation Optimisation Memory management Bootstrapping
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