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Composite Materials

A composite material is developed by adding two or more materials, frequently ones that consume very dissimilar properties. The two resources work composed to give the compound unique possessions. However, inside the composite you container effortlessly tell the different resources apart as they do not melt or blend into apiece other.

  • Natural composites: Natural composites are in both beasts and plant life. The bone in your group is also a amalgamated. It is made from a firm but brittle physical called hydroxyapatite and a lenient and supple material called collagenn.
  • Early composites: Individuals have been creation composites for several years. Actual is a mix of combined paste and sand.
  • Making composites: Most fusions are made of just double materials. One is the medium or folder. It environments and dilemmas together fibres or remnants of the added material, it is called the reinforcements.
  • Uses of composites The major advantage of modern composite supplies is that they stand light as well as robust. With an appropriate grouping of matrix and strengthening material, a new substantial can be made that accurately meets the necessities of a particular submission. Amalgams also provide enterprise springiness since many of them can be moulded into compound.

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Help for complex topics in Composite materials like:

  • Strength and Failure: Maximum stress/strain, More failure criteria; Micromechanics of Composites: Stiffness, Strength ,Laminate Design: Stress Concentration, Joints
  • Project;Correspondence problem, Detecting corner points, Level, Potentiometric Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, Inductive , Magnetic Sensors, Optical Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors,
  • Radar Sensors, Thickness , Level Sensors, Pointing Devices, Velocity, Acceleration,Capacitive Accelerometers, Piezoresistive, Piezoelectric, Thermal Accelerometers, Gyroscopes,
  • Gravitational Sensors, Force, Strain, Tactile Sensors, Strain Gauges, Tactile Sensors, Piezoelectric Force Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Concepts of Pressure
  • Membranes, Thin plates, Capacitive Sensors, VRP Sensors, Optoelectronic, Pressure Sensors, Indirect Pressure Sensor, Vacuum Sensors, Flow Sensors, Flow Dynamics, Pressure
  • Gradient Technique, Thermal Transport Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Electromagnetic Sensors, Breeze Sensor, Coriolis Mass Flow Sensors, Drag Force Sensors, Dust Detectors,
  • Smoke Detectors, Acoustic Sensors, Resistive Microphones, Condenser Microphones, Fiber Optic Microphone, Piezoelectric Microphones, Dynamic Microphones, Solid State
  • Acoustic Detectors, Humidity sensors, Moisture Sensors, Concept of Humidity, Electrical Conductivity Sensors, Optical Hygrometer, Oscillating Hygrometer, Light Detectors,
  • Photodiodes, Phototransistor, Photoresistors,Cooled Detectors, Image Sensors, Thermal Detectors, Gas Flame Detectors, Temperature Sensors, Coupling with Object, Temperature,
  • Reference Points, Thermoresistive Sensors, Thermoelectric Contact Sensors, Optical Temperature Sensors, Acoustic Temperature Sensor , Piezoelectric Temperature Sensors,
  • Chemical Sensors, Chemical Sensor Characteristics, Biochemical Sensors, Multisensor Array, Smart sensors, Smart sensor systems,Particulate,Filamentary,Short fiber,Laminated composites
  • Elastic,Thermal structure,Property relationships,Stress analysis ,Design material systems,Static,Fatigue failure,Destructive ,Nde test techniques,Mechanics of reinforcement,
  • Laminate Fracture processes and toughness of composites,Reinforcements and matrices,Interfaces in composites materials,Manufacturing processes,Design,Notches and joints - the effect of stress concentrations

Composite materials covers:

  • Fatigue,Woven composites – structure and behaviour,Impact and environmental effects,Technology process:,investigate issues, values, needs and opportunities,devise and generate
  • ideas and prepare production proposals, produce solutions and manage production processes,evaluate intentions, plans and actions.,Understanding the use of materials:
  • understand the structure of materials,understand the relationship between the structure and properties of materials, understand how to select appropriate materials based on their structure and properties
  • and understand,how these characteristics influence design, development and usage.,Using technology skills:,plan and manage resources to create products within constraints,
  • select and apply appropriate techniques and procedures when creating and modifying technologies, manipulate equipment and resources safely to meet defined standards.
  • Understanding materials, society and the environment:,understand how values and beliefs influence materials selection, design and technology,
  • understand the impact and consequences on society and the environment when selecting and using,materials, designs and technologies, understand strategies for safe and sustainable practices when developing and using materials
  • designs,and technologies.Families of materials, applications and selection criteria,bonding in solids:,Families of materials, properties applications and selection criteria,Bonding in solids
  • Relation between Bonding, structure and properties of materials,structure of materials,Crystalline Structures (metallic and ceramic),Structures of polymers,Amorphous materials,
  • glass transition,Atomic positions, crystallographic directions and planes ,Linear, planar and volumetric densities in crystals,Defects in crystals,Concept of solid solution
  • Diffusion in solids,Phase diagrams:,Basic concepts,Phase diagram of a single component,Systems of two components with partial solubility ,Precipitation in solid state,
  • Invariant Reaction,Intermetallic compounds, Congruent and incongruent melting,Mechanical properties, Mechanical Properties ,Definition of mechanical properties ,Elastic deformation and plastic deformation
  • Slip systems,Hardening mechanisms,Metallic materials:,Types of steels: stainless, tool,Light alloys,Copper alloys,Ceramic Materials,Structure and bonding in ceramic materials,
  • Silicates structure,Glasses,Polymeric materials ,General concepts,Classification ,Properties, composite materials:,Classification of composite materials,Polymer matrix composite materials

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Composite materials are designed to prevent the corrosion. With the use of composite materials, it would be possible to achieve combinations of properties that cannot be attained with metals, ceramics or polymers alone. Composite materials also provide stiffness to the material several times greater than the steel or aluminium.

Composite materials covers:

  • Fibre Reinforced Composites
  • The mechanical properties of fibre reinforced composites, load partitioning between matrix and fibres, and failure mechanisms of fibre reinforced composites.
  • Metals and Alloys :Binary phase diagrams, solidification, strengthening mechanisms in metals, an introduction to steels, heat treatment of steels,  stainless steels, aluminium alloys, the development of residual stresses
  • creep and fatigue in metals and alloys,Reinforcements,Glass,Carbon,Metal,Organic Inorganic,Matrices,Thermoset,Thermoplastic,Carbon,Ceramics metal,Processing,Interface modification,Reinforcement forms,
  • Manufacturing preforms,Prepregging,Continuous processes,Filament winding ,Pultrusion,Batch processes,Autoclave ,Matched-die,
  • Rtm,Thermoplastic processes,Testing,Density,C-scan,Mechanical,Process modeling,Cost modeling,microstructure and molecular weight of polymers
  • significance of polymer solubility,melting point and glass transition temperature,polymer properties,polymer microstructure and molecular weight
  • Relate polymer properties,composite materials,Composite micro mechanics,Matrix materials ,design,Micromechanical analysis,Mesomechanical analysis,Macromechanical analysis

Few Topics Are:

  • composite materials
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic composites
  • Lamination theory
  • Mechanics of anisotroipc materials
  • Desing of laminaed composites    
  • Nondestructive inspection
  • Multifunctional composites
  • Common organofluorine compounds
  • Origin of fluorine and organofluorine effects    
  • Electronic effects of fluorine
  • reactivities of organofluorine compounds    
  • organofluorine compounds
  • Carbon-fluorine bond formation
  • metalorganofluorine reagents
Manufacturing processes Stress analysis Mechanics of materials Strength of Materials



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