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Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Reservoir routing ,The equations of open channel hydraulics ,Mass conservation equation,The traditional "Modified Puls" method ,Momentum conservation equation ,The long wave equations,Steady uniform ow in prismatic channels ,Computation of normal depth,Computation of unsteady flows in open channels, Abrupt waves, Flood waves, Tidal propagations, Method of characteristics, Mathematical modelling of river currents, Coastal currents, Initial conditions, Boundary conditions, Two dimensional shallow water equations , Advection scheme, Momentum
  • Energy head conservations, Time marching methods , Adi method, Theta method, Three dimensional shallow water equations, Barotropic flow modelling, Baroclinic flow modelling, Transport equations , Turbulence modelling, Numerical aspects of three dimensional modelling , Sigma layers , Z layers, Anti creep, Forester filter, Flux limiting, Non hydrostatic waveflow modelling,Lock exchange, Short waves, Principles of hydraulic circuits components of hydraulic circuits application of hydraulic circuits principles to caterpillar agricultural construction equipment machines
  • Maintaining hydraulic equipment, Disassembly of components, Reassembly of components , Tracing circuits, Steady gradually-varied flow – backwater computations, The differential equation, Properties of gradually-varied and the governing equations,approximate analytical solution, Numerical solution of the gradually-varied ?Ow equation, Traditional methods, Comparison of schemes, Computational hydraulics,Model equations and theory for computational hydraulics and fluid, Mechanics

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Help for complex topics like:

  • The advection equation, Convergence, Stability, And consistency, The diffusion equation, Advection-diffusion combined, Wave and good propagation in rivers and canals, Governing equations, Initial conditions
  • Boundary conditions, The method of characteristics, The preissmann box scheme, Explicit forward-time-centre-space scheme, The slow-change approximation – advection-diffusion and kinematic theories, The analysis and use of stage and discharge measurements
  • Stage discharge method, Stage-discharge-slope method , Looped rating curves – correcting for unsteady effects in obtaining, Discharge from stage,An alternative form of the governing equation , Solution as a differential equation,The effects of bed roughness on rating curves, computational fluid dynamics (CFD),Fluid-flow equations,derivations,Common approximations,Numerical Methods,The scalar-transport equation,Pressure and velocity,pressure-correction methods,Time-dependent methods,Turbulence and Reynolds averaging,turbulence modelling,CFD Practice,Pre processing
  • Postprocessing and flow-visualisation,Shallow-water flows,Concrete and embankment dams loads,design function,stability,surveillance,hydraulic design, overflow spillways computations , bottom outlets and energy dissipators, water: channels, tunnels transport, tubes and channels technical and economical design,unsteady flow water hammer,mass oscillation and pressure transients in pipes and surge shafts,surge waves in channels,critical shear stress
  • Shields diagram,erosion protection design,Hydropower plants design, hydraulic computations fundamental, hydropower River regulation ,water supply and irrigation,hydrological background, yearly and short term regulation, hydropower plants energy production,Wind generated waves: wave mechanics, wave heights computation,shoaling water, refraction ,diffraction, Forces caused by breaking waves

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Energy and momentum
Dimensional analysis
Energy conversion
Open Channel Flow
Compressible flow


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