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Some of the assignment help topics include :

  • Tools, Configuration, Setting up , various kinds of virtual machine, development environment with a working tool chain, Using IDEs, plugins , build tools, Version control, Continuous integration, User Interfaces, HCI principles, design an effective user interface, Building user interface mock ups, range of approaches, User interface evaluation, Solution Investigation, Research, discovery of ideas, concepts, designs, tools, libraries, Effective comparison of choices, Proposing modules, packages, Critical evaluation of a proposed design, Team Working, Transferrable Skills, Working as a team, shared repository
  • development process, Writing documentation, reports, Developing a presentation, Critical assessment , reflection of the work done, results produced, processes, team member evaluation,Sorting, O-notation,Trivial sorting algorithms of quadratic complexity,merge sort , quicksort, Heapsort, Stability , sorting in linear time, Median statistics, order statistics, Strategies for algorithm design, divide conquer, greedy algorithms, Abstract data types, Pointers, stacks, queues, lists, trees, Binary search trees, Red-black trees, B-trees, Hash tables, Priority queues, heaps, Advanced & primitive data structures, Amortized analysis, aggregate analysis, potential method
  • Fibonacci heaps, Disjoint sets, Graph representations, Breadth-first , depth-first search, Topological sort, Minimum spanning tree, Kruskal algorithms, Prim algorithms, Single-source shortest paths, Bellman-Ford , Dijkstra algorithms, All-pairs shortest paths, matrix multiplication , Johnson’s algorithms, Maximum flow, Ford-Fulkerson method, Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem, Matchings in bipartite graphs, Geometric algorithms, Intersection of segments, Convex hull, Graham’s scan, Jarvis’s march, machine model, pseudo code with control flow structures , basic data structures, arrays, lists, stacks, queues, hash tables, associative arrays, functions, recursion, asymptotic classes , analysis of iterative algorithms, analysis of recursive algorithms, master theorem, selection, insertion, bubble sort, mergesort, quicksort, sorting by counting, radix sort, bucket sort

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Help for complex topics like :

  • Binary search, ordinary graphs, directed graphs, weighted graphs, trees, heaps, priority queues, binary search trees, B-trees, shortest path problem, breadth-first search, depth-first search, minimum spanning trees, Kruskal's algorithms, Prim's algorithms, string matching problem,Design and analysis of computer algorithms, Divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming,greedy method, backtracking, Algorithms for sorting, searching, graph computations, pattern matching, NP-complete problems,Software Design using Patterns , Individual Project, Computer Systems Architecture, Tools
  • Techniques for Enterprise, Machine Learning , Optimisation, Advanced Algorithms 2, Computer Vision, Digital Signal Processing,Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development, Leadership in Action Unit, Team Project, Advanced Technology Enterprise, Process Control, Automation, Antennas , RF Systems, Microwave Systems Engineering,Wireless Communication , Mobile Networks, Sensing, Transduction, Tomography Engineering, Applications, Digital Image Processing, complexity analysis,  relational database representations of engineering data, algorithms for the solution and optimization of engineering system designs, greedy, branch and bound, graph algorithms, nonlinear optimization, complexity analysis
  • Object-oriented, efficient implementations of algorithms, Algorithm Analysis, Sorting and Searching, continuous constrained nonlinear optimization, unconstrained methods, amoeba, BFGS, demand model estimation, Numerical Algorithms, Sparse Matrices, Matrix Properties, algorithm design and analysis, resource allocation,  Knapsack problem, Backtrack method, Branch and bound, Network equilibrium, Knapsack, linear and nonlinear optimization
  • Programming and Basic Data Structures & Algorithms,control flow,recursion,dynamic allocation,computational cost ,sorting algorithms,sequence alignment,dynamic programming,Programming and Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms,transition from C to C++,object-oriented programming,template meta-programming,polymorphism,binary search trees,Programming in the UNIX Environment,synchronization,Entity-relationship modeling ,Normalization,SQL basics,SQL joins,JDBC,Stacks,Divide-conquer,Knapsack,Priniciple of optimality,resource allocation,Backtrack method,Continuous constrained nonlinear optimization, Network equilibrium,Linear systems,Continuous unconstrained nonlinear optimization,Amoeba,BFGS,demand model estimation,Approximate queuing analysis
  • Data structures,relational database,greedy,dynamic programming,branch and bound,graph algorithms,nonlinear optimization,complexity analysis,Object-oriented


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