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Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is used for creating computer generated imagery, digital three-dimensional models,  texturing, rendering, & lighting those models & finally to display of those renderings on a screen digitally.

Wireframe and shaded models

It's a process of simple object rendering techniques to transform mathematical representations of three-dimensional objects into a two-dimensional screen image, calculating projection transformations of vertices as well as occlusion and depth of objects.

Shading and rendering of a vase

Detail and realsim is added to the pictures with the help of simulation of materials, textures , and lighting. The most exact and sensible systems include understanding the manner in which light cooperates with objects in the physical world, and mimicking those collaborations as intently as conceivable on a PC. Wonders, for example, reflections, transparencies, or diffuse lighting can be displayed utilizing a wide range of calculations, some intended to be genuinely exact, others to be computationally proficient, contingent upon various needs. Computer generated reality symbolism must be produced in a matter of milliseconds, while a point by point structural rendering may take long stretches of calculation time.

Radiosity light sculpture

Both accuracy and speed of graphics can be obtained with the additions in hardware of GPUs & software of rendering engines. 

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Graphics Systems and Models , Graphics Programming : OpenGL , Geometrical Objects and Transformations in 2D and 3D, homogeneous coordinates, matrix representation, windows and viewports
  • Viewing in 3D, hidden surface removal ,Light, shading and materials. Illumination , light sources, (surface detail, ray tracing, radiosity)
  • From Vertices to Fragments : Geometry processing, fragment processing , antialiasing.
  • Discrete techniques: buffers, bit and pixel operations, compositing  ,Programmable shaders, cub and bump maps.
  • Modelling Techniques, trees, scene graphs ,Curve and surface representation  , Advanced rendering techniques: ray tracing, radiosity, image based rendering.
  • Height Fields ,Transformation ,Mobile Animation ,Curves and Surfaces ,Roller Coasters and Splines ,Radiosity and Image Processing.

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Few topics for Advance Computer Graphics Assignment help :

  • Procedural modelling: fractal geometry, modelling with fractals, particle systems, L-systems.
  • Model acquisition: Laser scanning; surface fitting; occlusions and hole-filling; The Rendering Equation, basic ray tracing, primary and secondary rays, shadow feeler rays, reflection and transparency ,Real-time ray tracing.
  • Monte Carlo ray tracing. Importance sampling, variance reduction methods. Path tracing, bidirectional ray tracing , Radiosity: Principles: energy exchange between surfaces,Volume rendering:
  • Spatial Enumeration and culling : Spatial enumeration, grids, AABBs, HBBs. Culling techniques ,back-face, view frustum, portals, occlusion culling.
  • Orthogonal and projective views, Illumination and shadows, light sources; curve and surface representations, Orthographic transformations, Polygonal models.
  • Realistic synthetic objects and characters, Biological structures from imaging data, Mixed reality, Visual surveillance, Modeling and inferring geometric, Photometric, Reflectance, Modern lighting models, Textures, filtering ,Image Formation.

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Topics like Gouraud & Phong Shading,Shadow Maps, framebuffers ,Hierarchical modeling ,Polyhedra, Scene hierarchy are really complex & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex topics including Transformations of objects, Acceleration Techniques,Bounding volumes,Space subdivision, From ray tracing to projecting polygons,  Sutherland Hodgman clipping,Weiler Atherton clipping, Polygon rasterization, Visible surface determination, Scan conversion, Z-buffer, Interpolated  shading.

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Computer Graphics assignment help tutors are writing Computer Graphics assignments from years with excellent command on the Computer Graphics are able to work on Computer Graphics research projects , thesis or Computer Graphics dissertation writing help for complex topics like Back face culling, Shadow volumes , Shadow buffer , Shadow mapping, nature of light , Transport theory , radiance equation ,Radiosity method , Substructuring, Progressive refinement , Parametric surfaces , B-Splines Curves , affine transformations, visible surface determination, Color theory, affine and projective geometry, hidden-surface determination ,Procedural models,rotation, scaling , GLSL programming ,WebGL ,attenuation effect , visibility, shadows and lightening simulations.

Few Topics are:

  • Subdivision surfaces
  • Procedural modeling,
  • Warping and morphing
  • Model reconstruction
  • Image based rendering
  • Lighting and appearance
  • Texturing
  • Natural phenomena
  • Non photorealistic rendering Particle systems
  • Character animation
  • Physically based modeling and animation
  • triangle rasterization and ray tracing
  • vectors, matrices
  • C programming language
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