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Computer Networking

Computer networking is an engineering where one study and analyze the communication process among various computing devices or computer systems which are linked together to exchange information and share various resources.Computer networking depends on the fields like computer engineering, computer sciences, information technology and telecommunication.

The essential pillars upon which any network is built are the router, network card and protocols. Computer networks are the backbone of modern-day communication. Even public switched telephone networks are controlled by computer systems and most of the telephonic services are also working with IP.

~Local Area Network (LAN) that are used to serve a small number of people located in a small geographical space. Peer-to-peer or client server networking methods can be employed.
~Wide Area Network (WAN) are formed to connect a computer with its peripheral resources across a large geographical area.
~Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)/Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) are formed without the use of wires or physical media to connect hosts with the server. The data is transferred over radio transceivers.

Computers always communicate through a switched network because when a network is made up of switching nodes (intermediate systems),they are connected by point-to-point links, typically in a mesh topology. Connectivity are like *Shared media *Direct links *Single switch *Mesh network

Cryptographic Security, Client Server Model, Application Layer Protocols, LAN, Wireless and Cellular Network, Packet Switching, Network Management, Protocol Layer and Service Models, Datagram Protocol, and many more.

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  • Advanced multicast routing models
  • Applications of advanced networks
  • Transport protocol developments
  • Programmable networks
  • Network schedulers
  • Network compilers
  • Optical control planes

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Top-down approach to computer networking ,computer networks and the Internet, application layer, transport layer, network layer and link layers. Topics at the application layer include client-server architectures, P2P architectures, DNS and HTTP and Web applications. Topics at the transport layer include multiplexing, connectionless transport and UDP, principles or reliable data transfer, connection-oriented transport and TCP and TCP congestion control. network layer include forwarding, router architecture, the IP protocol and routing protocols including OSPF and BGP, link layer include multiple-access protocols, ALOHA, CSMA/CD, Ethernet, CSMA/CA, wireless 802.11 networks and link-layer switches. simple quantitative delay and throughput modeling, socket programming and network application development and Ethereal labs.

Computer Networking
  • Network Service Model, Routing Principles, Hierarchical Routing, IP: the Internet Protocol, Routing in the Internet, Inside a Router, Link layer and Local Area Networks, The Data Link Layer: Introduction, Services, Error Detection and Correction, Multiple Access Protocols and LANs, LAN Addresses and ARP, Ethernet, Hubs, Bridges and Switches, Wireless LANs: IEEE 802.11, PPP: the Point-to-Point Protocol, ATM, Network Management, Internet Network Management Framework, ASN.1, Firewalls, Multimedia Networking, Multimedia Networking application, Streaming stored audio and video, QoS, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Wireless Links, WiFi, Cellular, Mobile Managing, Network Security, Message Integrity End-point Authn SSL IPSec Operational Security Layered communication architecture:, layers, services,, protocols, layer entities.
  • service access points, protocol functions, Advanced Routing algorithms, Advanced Network Congestion Control algorithms, Quality of service, Real Time Transport Protocol, Internetworking, Performance Issues, VPN networks, Mobile Networks: LAN, PAN,, Sensor Networks, Mobile IP, Mobile TCP, IP Security.
  • Computer Networks, the Internet and the World Wide Web, Application Layer and Network Applications, Transport Layer, Network Layer and Routing, The Link Layer and Local Area Networks, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Computer Networking in Practice, Network Management,
  • Terminology, Introduction to OSI standards, Networking Applications, Network Library Routines, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Telnet / Remote Login, Domain Name System (DNS), Electronic Mail, Peer-to-Peer File Sharing, Internetworking (TCP/IP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Transport Layer Interfaces, Internet Protocol (IP), Routing protocols.
  • Link layer protocols, Channel Partitioning: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, Random Access: ALOHA, CSMA/CD, Ethernet ,
  • TCP/ IP model and network architecture , IP addressing, Network protocols (ARP, ICMP, DHCP, FTP) , NAT and VPN technologies , Internet protocols and services FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP , Network traffic monitoring, firewalls, proxy servers, Preliminaries, TCP/IP protocol suite, Client-Server architecture, Peer-to-Peer architecture, Inter-Process Communications (IPC),
  • Networking Applications and Protocols, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Telnet / Remote Login, Domain Name System (DNS), Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), Transport Layer Protocols, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Transport Layer Interfaces, Socket API, Socket related system calls, I/O Multiplexing, Security, Network management, Design and performance issues
  • Their protocols, applications, Layered network architecture in the Internet, transport.
  • Socket APIs, network, data link layers , protocols, multimedia networking, network security.
  • LAN design , LAN implementation , L2 L3 LAN design, redundancy, load balancing, IPv6, Multimedia transmission, IP telephony, QoS, Wireless networks, Configuration , administration of Cisco Juniper MikroTik Linux Windows technologies, Directory services, centralized IT management, Server network virtualization, cloud computing, Software Defined Networks SDN, Network security , L1 L7 security, User access control, 802.1x, AAA, unified user authentication, VPN, Firewalls
  • IDS, IPS, Wireless security, Network monitoring , management, Protocol layers , service models, OSI , Internet protocols, Concepts of delay, security, Critiques Application layer protocols, client server model, Sockets programming in C client server , web server programs, Reliable data transfer, Stop evaluation, Go evaluation, TCP semantics, UCP semantics, TCP syntax, UCP syntax, TCP RTT estimation, Principles of congestion control, Principles of routing, link state, distance vector, IP semantics
  • IP syntax, Link layer, Error detection, Multiple access protocols, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, Switching , bridging, Media, Signal strength, Data encoding, Wireless , mobile networks, Security, threats, cryptography, authentication, firewalls, Network management including SNMP, Network troubleshooting, Sensor networks , Sofware Defined Networks, Overflow 
  • Structure and components of computer networks, packet switching, layered architectures ,Applications: web/http, voice-over-IP, p2p file sharing and socket programming.
  • Reliable transport: TCP/IP, reliable transfer, flow control, and congestion control ,The network layer: names and addresses, routing.
  • Local area networks: ethernet and switches ,Wireless networks and network security.

Few Topics are:

  • advanced networking research
  • computer networking
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