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Crystal Structure Analysis
  • x-ray crystallography,Symmetry in real and reciprocal space,Space and laue groups,Geometry of diffraction,Structure factors,Phase problem Direct and patterson methods,
  • Electron density maps,Structure refinement,Crystal growth,Powder methods,Limits of diffraction methods,Structure data bases.

Topics Are:

  • Crystal structure
  • Oxide-ion conductors
  • Fluorite-type
  • perovskite-type oxide-ion conductors
  • lithium-ion conductors
  • proton conductor and biomaterials
  • dielectric materials and photocatalyts
  • exhaust gas catalysts
  • crystal chemistry
  • Symmetry in crystal
  • Crystal structure analysis
  • charge transfer type interaction
  • Ionic bond
  • hydrogen bonding
  • Polymorphism and phase transition
  • Molecular motion in crystal
  • Polymorphism and phase transition
  • Organic crystalline state reaction
  • Analysis of reaction


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