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Engineering dynamics defines principles for designing of buildings, boats, planes etc. It is the branch of mechanics which deals with accelerated motion of objects. It describes the vibrations of lumped-parameter models in mechanical systems. Some of the major concepts in engineering dynamics are work-energy concepts, systems of particles and rigid bodies, Lagrange's equations, linearization of equations of motion etc. Engineering dynamics solve a wide range of industrial problems through its analytical analysis, field measurements and modeling tools which provides pulsations and vibration solutions.

Engineering dynamics is associated with various applications in engineering mechanics. This evaluates free and forced vibration of linear multi-degree of freedom models in mechanical systems as well as matrix eigenvalue problems. Engineering dynamics involves following listed concepts:

  • Linearized equations of motion around an equilibrium position
  • Analytical dynamics
  • Dynamics of rigid bodies
  • Vibration-modes and mode-superposition
  • Stability of systems around an equilibrium position
  • Linear dynamics of continuous systems and discretization

Through engineering dynamics, real mechanical systems are translated into abstract mechanical models as per their mechanical properties, kinetic relationships and kinematic analysis. It also evaluates discrete linear equations of motion with a great concern to stability and modal analysis. It helps in classifying the stability of nonlinear systems as well as linearized stability and also describes classical mechanical phenomena. Engineering dynamics derives equations of motion of rigid and linear-elastic multibody systems.

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Kinematics, Particle kinetics, Newton's law of motion, Work-energy approach, Impulse-momentum approach, Rigid body planar kinetics, Force and acceleration, Work and energy, Impulse and momentum, 3-d kinetics of a rigid body, Dynamics, Kinematics of 3-d motion of rigid bodies, Momentum principles for rigid bodies, Variational formulation
  • Stability of motion, Vibration analysis, Continuous systems, Mastering engineering, Kinematics normal-tangential and polar coordinates,, Polar coordinates, Relative motion, Constrained motion, Central force motion, Point mass dynamics, Energy principles, Rigid body kinematics, Rigid body dynamics, 
  • Energy Dynamics, Particle Kinematics, Force and Acceleration Methods, Energy Methods, Planar Rigid Body Kinematics, Momentum Methods, Newton-Euler Equations for Planar Rigid Body Motion, Energy and Momentum Methods for Rigid Bodies, Mechanical Vibrations, Three-Dimensional Dynamics of Rigid Bodies, Newton’s Second Law, Kinematics of Rigid Bodies, Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies, Forces and Accelerations, Energy and Momentum, Mechanical Vibrations, Kinematics Normal-Tangential
  • Mechanics,Thermo-fluids,Materials,Mechatronics,Communications,Design,Mathematics,Fluid Mechanics for Aerospace ,Fluid mechanics in Mechanical ,Electrical Energy Supply ,Aerospace thermodynamics ,Mechanical Thermodynamics ,Manufacturing Engineering ,Mechanical Engineering Systems ,Mechanics (Aero/Mech),Management,Thermodynamics,Fluids,structures,Dynamics,Control,Applied Thermodynamics ,Numerical Methods & Computing ,Modelling & Simulation ,Data Acquisition,Machine tools,Processes,Micro-mechanics,Plant monitoring,Power plant,Environment,kinematics,normal-tangential coordinates,polar coordinates,relative motion,point mass dynamics,energy,rigid body kinematics,impulse
Help for complex topics like :
  • Polar Coordinates,Relative Motion,Point Mass Dynamics,Rigid Body Kinematics,Kinematics of Particles,Energy & Momentum Methods,Systems of Particles,Kinematics of Rigid Bodies,Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies,Energy & Momentum Methods
  • Newton’s Law of motion,forces, work, energy, momentum,Rectilinear motion,Curvilinear motion,Relative motion,inetics of Particles- Newton’s 2nd Law,Force, mass and acceleration,Inertial reference frame,Kinetics of Particles- Energy and Momentum Principles,Work and kinetic energy,Potential energy,Impulse and momentum,Linear and angular momentum
  • Systems of Particles,Kinematics of Rigid Bodies,Pure rotation,Relative velocity and acceleration,Sliding contact,Moving reference frames,Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies- Forces and Accelerations ,Force – linear momentum principle,Moment – angular momentum principle,D’Alembert’s principle,Fixed axis rotation,General planar motion,Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies- Energy and Momentum Methods,Work and kinetic energy,Impulse and Momentum principle for rigid body,Conservation of angular momentum,Impulsive motion

Few Topics are:

  • Newton's Second Law
  • kinematics
  • kinetics of particles
  • rigid bodies
  • force and acceleration
  • work and energy
  • impulse and momentum principles



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