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Our Engineering Geology Assignment help tutors help with topics like Water Treatment and Waste Management ,Environmental Engineering ,Environmental Hydraulics ,Coastal Engineering,Technical Communication ,Cave Mining Systems: Design and Planning ,Mining and the Environment ,Heavy Oil Sand Mining and Processing.

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Some of the Geology homework help topics include:

  • Soil Mechanics ,Dynamic Earth ,Field geology ,Geochemistry ,Internal processes, optical mineralogy and petrology
  • Fluid Mechanics ,Mathematical methods ,Structural geology including maps ,Sedimentary and surface processes
  • Geophysics ,Igneous and metamorphic petrology ,Palaeontology ,Remote sensing and GIS ,Sedimentary geology ,Structural geology
  • Mine waste Management ,Life and earth history ,Processes in geosciences ,Climate and planetary studies ,Earth resources ,Field geology,Geochemistry ,Advanced Sedimentology; Structural Geology; Paleobiology; Remote Sensing Basin Analysis,Solid Mechanics .

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Plane Surveying ,Earth Science for Engineers , Mineralogy, Petrology ,Field Techniques ,Multivariable Calculus, Soil Mechanics II , Hydrology and Open Channel Flow ,Structural Geology I,
  • Groundwater Hydrology ,Principles of Geomorphology, Rock Mechanics Fundamentals & Design,Field Geology ,Field Techniques in Groundwater Hydrology ,Earth Sciences Technical Elective
  • Impact of Technology on Society ,Humanities,Engineering Law and Contracts in Civil Engineering ,Foundation Engineering I & II ,Environmental, Geotechnical, and Exploration Geophysics
  • Geotechnical Engineering Practice ,Geological Engineering Soils and Weak Rocks ,Engineering Design Project ,Elementary Statistics , Engineering Economic Analysis ,Engineering Economics
  • Water Treatment and Wastewater Management ,Geo-Environmental Engineering , Water Resource Engineering
    Coastal Engineering
  • Engineering Hydrology ,Groundwater Remediation ,Heavy Oil Sand Mining and Processing ,Mine and Plant Feasibility Study,  Mineral Deposits ,Groundwater Contamination,
  • Groundwater Geochemistry,Mine Waste Management ,Quaternary and Applied Geomorphology,Advanced Geographic Information Science ,Remote Sensing ,Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Watershed Geomorphology ,Vegetation Dynamics: Disturbance, Climate & Human Impacts ,Snow and Ice processes ,Research in Advanced Geographic Information Systems ,Arctic Fluid Mechanics II
  • Civil Engineering Materials ,Construction Engineering and Management ,Environmental Impact Studies ,Engineering Hydrology , Engineering Design and Analysis I ,Forest Soil Mechanics ,Analytical Methods in Forest Hydrology ,Watershed Hydrology ,Aquatic Ecosystems and Fish in Forested Watersheds Remote Sensing in Forestry and Agriculture
  • Environmental and Engineering Geology ,Geodynamics and Geohazards ,Palaeoceanography and Oceanography ,Hydrogeology and Fluid Flow Hydrothermal and Ore Systems

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Topics for Engineering Geology Assignment help :
  • Geologic time: Relative dating, Absolute dating and magnetostratigraphy, Earth's moving surface, Minerals, Rock types the rock cycle Igneous rocks, Igneous rocks , Volcanism,
  • Weathering erosion and soils, Sedimentary rocks , Depositional environments, Metamorphic Rocks I, Metamorphic Rocks II, Seismology and earthquake hazards, Studying the Earth's interior,
  • Basics of Structural Geology, Crustal deformation I, Crustal deformation II, Synopsis of Historical Geology, Mass wasting, The hydrologic cycle and stream processes , Stream processes , Coastal geology
  •  Groundwater, Deserts and eolian processes, Glaciers and periglacial processes, Climate zones; global circulation, Ice Ages, Extra Credit Field Trip to C&O Canal/Great Falls., Climate change 
  • Mineral and Energy resources Careers in Earth Sciences Catch-up and Minerals Igneous Rocks and Volcanoes, Weathering and Erosion, Evolution of Landscapes, Sedimentary Rocks
  • Evolution Fossils Geologic Time, Glaciers, Wind and Coastal Erosion, Metamorphism and Deformation, Earthquakes and Earth's Interior, Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics, Resources from the Earth
  • Geology of other Worlds, Concepts of stress strain deformation and rheological behaviors, effects of time temperature and pressure on deformation, techniques of measuring linear and planar geologic features using a compass
  • Significance of brittle plastic and ductile deformations and their products, origin and mechanisms of formation of faults fractures and folds, processes and fabric that occur in shear zones & their kinematic significance,
  • techniques of presentation/analysis of linear and planar fabric data , interpretation of maps from simple and complexly-deformed areas., Applied Electricity, Linear Algebra & Trigonometry, Engineering Drawing
  • Communication Skills ,  Computing, Elements of Mining, Basic Mechanics, Geologic Processes & Geomorphology, Calculus, Strength of Materials, Physical & Analytical Chemistry
  • Forest Watershed Management ,Rock Fragmentation ,Surface Mining and Design ,Physical Mineral Processes, Marine Geology and Geophysics,Solid Waste Management; Planetary Science

Topics for Engineering Geology:

  • Crystallography & Mineralogy, Palaeontology & Stratigraphy, Literature in English , Mathematical Analysis, Mineral Processing, Optical Mineralogy, Structural Geology & Map Work, Sedimentary Petrology
  •  Photogeology & Remote Sensing, Soil Mechanics, Land Surveying, Fluid Mechanics, Extractive Metallurgy, Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology, Environmental Geology, Computer Applications,
  • Mine Surveying,  Probability & Statistics, Economic Geology & Industrial Minerals , Field Geology, Physical Hydrogeology,Mineral Resource Estimation, Public Relations, Ore Mineralogy and Microscopy
  • Foundation Engineering, Exploration Geochemistry , Engineering Geology, Exploration Geophysics, Economic Development and Planning, Mineral Project Evaluation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Law of Contract & Tort, Operations Research , Principles of Economics, Mining Geology, Groundwater Geochemistry, Business Entrepreneurship, Management , Applied Geophysics, Applied Geotechnics
  • Earth’s internal structure: core mantle crust, Deformation of the plates: faulting and folding, Earthquake seismology, Describing and classifying rocks and minerals, Measuring geological time, Volcanic Processes
  • Controls on physical properties of magma, Principles of multi-phase geophysical flows, Eruption dynamics, Important mineral deposits produced by volcanic processes, Sedimentary basins and Hydrocarbons
  • Imaging sedimentary basins using reflection seismology, Types of sedimentary basin, Generation of hydrocarbons within sedimentary basins, Hydrocarbon exploration techniques, Tectonic, Basement structure
  •  igneous rock, Main occurrences of metamorphic rock, Clastic and carbonate sediments, Earth surface processes , Glacial landforms and sediments, Weathering slope and river processes, Coastal processes
  • Role of society in controlling surface processes, Natural hazards , Earthquakes, Volcanic hazards, Radon and other radiological hazards, Climate , Role of atmosphere oceans and the solid Earth in controlling climate
  • Greenhouse Effect, Milankovitch cycles, Role of society in moderating climate change, Hydrogeology , Occurrence of groundwater, Groundwater head and groundwater flow, Application of hydrogeology to landfill site selection and design
  • Groundwater protection, Physical Geology, Historical Geology,  Petroleum Industry, Geologic Field Methods, Minerals and Rocks, Structural Geology, Palaeontology
  • Stratigraphy and Sedimentation, Crystallography, Environmental Geology and Earth Resources, Natural Hazards and Disasters, Geological History of Life, Water: Geologic and Geographic Issues
  • Advanced Geological Field Methods, Igneous Petrology, Geomorphology, Sedimentary Petrology, Metamorphic Petrology, Geochemistry, Exploration Geophysics, Advanced Topics in Sedimentary Geology

Engineering Geology includes:

  • Igneous/Metamorphic Geology, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geology , Ore Deposits and Economic Geology, Geoscience Research,Glacial movement and geological impact. Formation of the Quaternary soil layers
  • Glacial and post-glacial soils, Stress and strain under conditions of tension, compression and shear. Elastic, plastic and time-dependent material. Multi-axis stress state, Soil's carrying capacity.
  • Soil pressure. Soil slope stability, pore pressure and effective pressure. Soil compression. Soil shear and failure,logistics,models in geoscience,geochemical environment and health,engineering geology
  • waste disposal,Geologic Hazards,Plate tectonics refresher ,Earthquakes,Volcanoes,Hurricanes and severe weather ,TsunamiNear Earth Objects ,Resources – minerals, metals
  • materials,Resources- water,Resources- energy,Anthropocene as concept,ocean acidification ,culture war,Science of warmingGeoscientists & society, Engineering Geology
  • Geology Vs. Engineering Geology Civil Engineering and Engineering Geology ,Mineralogy ,Principles of crystallography,mineralogy,Rock-forming minerals,Rock cycle,Igneous rocks and volcanic activities
  • Sedimentary rocks and sedimentation ,Metamorphic rocks and metamorphism ,Engineering concerns of rocks,- Formation of soils,Different types of soils,Sand Vs. Clay,Weathering Weathered material transportation
  • Mass Movements,Type of mass movements ,Landslide,Factor of Safety ,Slope Protection, Earthquake ,Mechanical analysis of soil,properties of soil ,Classification of soil,Geology civil engineering
  • minerals,rocks,soil formation,geologic structure,groundwater hydraulics,frost action ,landslides,shoreline erosion,bluff instability,earthquakes,soil and rock mechanics,engineering geology,dams,reservoirs
  • Geology for Civil Engineers,stress regimes and deformation of the Earth’s crust,geological cycle and the origins of soils ,Geological Hazards,Site Investigation Reports in design,behavior of soils
  • Critical State Soil Mechanics,Design shallow and deep foundations,Analyse Slope Stability,Design reinforced earth structures,geotechnical Engineering

Few Topics are:

  • Geology and its relationship
  • civil engineering
  • minerals; rocks; soil formation
  • geologic structure
  • groundwater hydraulics
  • frost action in soils
  • landslides, shoreline erosion, bluff instability
  • earthquakes
  • air photo interpretation
  • soil and rock mechanics in relation to engineering geology
  • subsurface explorationdams, reservoirs, tunnels
  • case-history illustrations


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