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Engineering Mechanics Assignment help tutors help with topics like 2D Force Systems ,2D/3D Force Systems ,Particle Equilibrium ,Rigid Body Equilibrium ,Structural Analysis ,Centroids / Distributed Forces ,Cables ,Internal Forces ,Friction ,Virtual Work / Moments of Inertia ,Kinematics of Particles ,Force & Acceleration  ,Energy & Work ,Momentum and Impact ,Kinematics of Rigid Bodies ,Kinetics of a Rigid Body ,Rigid body Force and Acceleration ,Rigid body energy Vibrations.

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Few topics for Engineering Mechanics  coursework help :
  • Statics: Resolution & resultants of forces - 2D & 3D, Moments - 2D & 3D, Equivalent systems, Equilibrium of particles & Free Body Diagrams, Equilibrium, reactions & structure types
  • 2D Planar Trusses,Internal forces, bending-moment, shear & axial force diagrams, Properties of Area - Centroid & Second Moment of Area, Materials -Stress-Strain, Yield Stress
  • Young's Modulus,Engineers Theory of Bending, Dynamics: Motion of a point - straight line & curvilinear, Kinetics, Energy Methods, Momentum Methods, Moments of Inertia, Application of rotation inertia
  • vector, Multiple forces, static equilibrium , Internal tensions, Dot product, Moments, Cross product, Moment projections, couples, equivalent systems , 2-D static equilibrium, Supports, reaction forces
  • Reaction forces , Static indeterminancy, force members , 3-D supports, static equilibrium , Truss analysis,Method of joints , Method of sections , Frames , Dry Friction , Distributed forces Shear/bending
  • Uni-axial stress/strain , 2D & 3D vector analysis , transformation matrix , time derivatives , curvilinear coordinate systems , Rectilinear motion , Oscillations including damped , driven oscillators
  • 3D General motion, separable forces,Non-inertial reference frames, rotating coordinate systems , Planar motion , moment of inertia , Impulse and collisions , Principal axes moments of inertia
  • Lagrangian Mechanics , conservative systems, Lagrangian Mechanics, Variational Principles, Hamiltonian Mechanics, Canonical Transformation, Central Force Problem, Rigid-Body Motion
  • Oscillations, Kepler Problem, Perturbation Theory, Special Relativity
  • Essay writing ,Custom solutions at Masters & Phd level , Doctoral Dissertation.
Complex topics include :
  • Vector, Equilibrium, Internal Force, Free-Body Diagram, Analysis of Trusses, Analysis of Beams , Evaluation of Module, Centroid, Bending Stress, Shear Stress, Torsional Stress, Combined Stress Effect
  • equilibrium, force systems, stresses and strain, coordinate systems, statically indeterminate systems, flexure, bending under combine loads, torsion, power transmission, kinematics, relative motion
  • Force screw, General space force system, Parallel space force system, General plane force system, Parallel plane force system, Concurrent space force system, Concurrent plane force system
  • Distributed force system, Degrees of freedom, Statical determinacy, Constraints
  • Equilibrium conditions, Cull-mans methods, Static analysis of system of bod-ies , Static determinacy, Static analysis of the trusses, Plane trusses, Method of joints
  • Space trusses, Vectors solution, Internal effects and cables, Analysis machines, Methodical examples with using MATLAB, Internal forces in members, Tension , shear, Relations between shear and bending
  • Statics of Engineering , Principles of Nondestructive Testing , Finite Element Analysis ,Fundamentals of Non Destructive Evaluation

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