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Environmental Air Pollution

The Air gets polluted mostly because of dust, toxic smokes, cars, buses, industries and factories, etc called air pollution. For healthy life we need fresh air, we need to ponder that I beg your pardon occurs if whole impressive air becomes dirty. First of all air contamination is the material of great regret for the entire humanoid fraternity. About of the big explanations of the air effluence are use of toxic fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides in the agronomic sectors by the cleared farmers in order to upsurge the crop manufacture. Unrestricted chemicals and dangerous gases from such manures are are added into the air causing air pollution.

Fossils and other will cause these types of pollution. If air pollution, then global warming increases and it leads to the global warming. We know global warming thus destroy the ozone layer. As ozone layer is protecting us from many of the rays and other cosmic elements not entering into the habitat region. With air pollution many diseases will also evolve, disease like lung disease and kidney disease are mainly caused due to this only.

Air pollution leads to acid rains and destroys many rivers. Industries need to be controlled in order to control large amount of pollution.

Environmental Air Pollution

Environmental Air pollution refers to the contaminants or substances that present in air which  interfere with human health or welfare, or produce other harmful environmental effects. There are certain aspects that pollutes the air including natural processes such as volcanic eruptions and wildfires but they usually have local effect. The environmental air pollution is generally caused by  human activities such as mining, construction, transportation, industrial work, agriculture, smelting, etc.

Important topics covered by Environmental Air pollution:

  • environmental, economic and health
  • road traffic and industrial sources
  •  dispersion of air pollution in the atmosphere
  • Current policies, standards and objectives.
  • Sources of air pollution.
  • Effects of major air pollutants.
  • Monitoring of emissions and air pollutants in ambient air.
  • Modelling and control of emission from road transport and from industrial sources.
  • Chemistry and dispersion of air pollution in atmosphere.
  • Air pollution modelling approaches.
  • Commercial air quality models (ADMS and USEPA).
  • Indoor air pollution.
  • Personal exposure to air pollution.

Pollution is a matter of great concern nowadays since it adversely affects the environment and ultimately people are infecting from various unknown diseases. Health of people is a most important thing which is to be taken for a concern. Environmental air pollution can be harmful if it accumulates in the air at higher concentrations as most people are exposed higher levels of pollutants present in the air. Some of the adverse effects of environmental air pollution are given below:

  • Chest tightness
  • Irritation of the eyes, throat, nose and ear
  • Heart attack risk and heart problems
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Wheezing, coughing
  • Cancer

Environmental air pollution can be worse proven if it persists for a long time in nature as it can leads to damage for neurological, reproductive, immune and respiratory systems. Major environmental effects of air pollution are briefly described as:

Effects on wildlife: Wildlife health is affected in a number of ways when there is a great concentration of toxic pollutants in the air. It can leads to severe disease in animals, birth defects and reproductive failure.

  • Ozone depletion: Ozone is a most harmful pollutant which can harm human health. Moreover, it can damage sensitive crops and reduce crop yields.
  • Haze: power plants, automobiles and other construction activities are responsible for emission of haze-causing pollutants.
  • Acid rain: it is defined as the precipitation of nitric and sulfuric acids which are very harmful substances. It damages trees and acidify soils, water bodies making water not to be consumed by fishes and other wildlife.

Environmental air pollution arises when the air of environment gets contaminated. The means when there is presence of pollutants such as gases or solid particles. Some pollutants are natural and some of them are man-made. Human beings as well as other living organisms get affected by the air pollution. There are various gases that exist in the environment or atmosphere that are necessary for our survival. However, some poisonous gases also get mixed in the environment that makes the air polluted and which causes respiratory problems for the human beings. The state of pollutants can be solid, liquid or gas. Pollutants may be natural or man-made.There are two types of sources of air pollution that are natural and man-made.

Natural sources may include dust, radioactive decay, wildfires from which carbon monoxide is emitted, Volcanoes. Man-made sources include stationary sources such as power plants, factories, mobiles, waste deposition, and varnish.Air pollution affects the health of living organisms. Polluted air affects many systems of the human body. Risk of diseases like pneumonia, asthma as well as respiratory infections also increases. It also affects the heart and lung that causes heart and lung related diseases.The effects of air pollution may be hilarious so it is required to do some efforts in order to decrease air pollution. We should use nature friendly fuel sources. Pollution control devices should be used by the industries. We should take some steps to increase the efficiency of fuel. Another step to decrease air pollution is planning for proper use of land.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Physical & chemical composition, Physical  & chemical characteristics of gaseous, air pollutants: Classification; pathways; atmospheric reactions
  • chemical reactions,Impacts of air pollutants, modelling of air pollutants, dispersion of air pollutants, Air quality management philosophies, Monitoring techniques
  • control techniques, strategies for air pollutants, Social aspects relating to air pollution control, economical aspects relating to air pollution control, political aspects relating to air pollution control, moral aspects relating to air pollution control
  • Carbon footprinting,Noise pollution, light pollution,effects of air pollutants, sources of air pollution, physical behavior of pollutants, chemical behavior of pollutants
  • regulation, control technologies, composition of atmosphere, air pollutants in the air,Air pollution control technologies, particulate, gaseous pollutants
  • Regulations of air pollution control, Compliance, enforcement of regulations, Monitoring of air pollution, Emissions of air pollutants, Prevention of air pollution
  • Indoor air pollution, preventing air pollution, Neural Net Model, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), outdoor air pollution, Noxious gases, Ground-level ozone
  • Line sources and time, Varying emissions and meteorology, Complex terrain, CALINE, CAL3QHC and CALPUFF models., Receptor Modelling, CMB and PMF models
  • Temporal and spatial scales of air pollution,  System approach to atmospheric pollution, Atmospheric physics, Structure of the atmosphere, Coriolis force, general circulation

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Help for Environmental Air Pollution assignment questions

Help for complex topics like:

  • Horizontal and vertical transport of pollution,Stability and lapse rate (review), Turbulence and Reynolds decomposition, Transport and mixing characteristic times in the atmosphere
  • Pollutants:Air pollution impacts on health and environment, Pollutant exposure, Mixing ratio, Major pollutant sources, Budgets, atmospheric lifetime
  • Air quality standards, Air pollution deision-making,Sampling and measurement of pollutants, Atmospheric chemistry, Atmospheric kinetics, NOx chemistry
  • CO and Hydrocarbon oxidation,Urban smog formation, Ozone isopleth, Chemical regimes and control options, Atmospheric diffusion equation, Air quality modeling, Global air pollution
  • Ozone in the stratosphere, Chapman mechanism,Ozone depletion and ozone depleting substances, Radiative budget of the atmosphere, Earth’s effective temperature
  • Interaction of pollutants with light, Greenhouse effect and climate change, Climate enforcers and global warming potential,Aerosols size distribution and distribution modes
  • Formation and removal processes, Aerosol characteristics, Size distribution, Dynamics of single particle, Stokes settling, Settling velocity calculations, Slip correction, Stopping distance, Combustion and pollutant formation
  • Stoichiometry, Excess air and exhaust composition calculations, Thermodynamics of pollutant formation, NOx forms and Zeldovich mechanism
  • Particle Control, Particle removal mechanisms, Settling chambers design, Removal efficiency, Laminar vs. turbulent chambers, Cyclone performance equations
  • Modelling approaches and their role in air quality management ,Terrain complications in dispersion modelling, Dispersion Modelling ,Plume rise
  • Stack tip downwash ,Building wake effect ,Industrial source complex (ISC) model and AERMOD, Lapse rate and stability ,Mixing height , Gaussian dispersion models,Simple screening models (SCREEN) design
  • Environmental pollution,Urban air pollution.,Trans-boundary air pollution.,Water pollution.,Drinking water pollution.,Solid waste.,Metal pollution.,Pesticides.,Managing environmental pollution.

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Topics like Cyclones and series and parallel & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.


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