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Environmental engineering science combines the biological, physical and chemical science with engineering field. It also focus on the biological process that involves in water and air pollution, environmental technology, water quality engineering and environmental protection. Climate change, environmental risk assessment, environmental policy, environmental sensing are the main concept of environmental engineering science.

Climate change refers to the rise in average surface temperature on earth. It is also known as global warming. Climate change happens due to the human use of fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide and other gases into the air. The gases catch heat within the atmosphere, which affects the Ecosystem.

Environmental risk assessment is a process of considering the risk of adverse effect on environment by chemical substance.Environmental policy refers to the laws and regulations of an organization. It includes waste management, ecosystem management, water and air pollution, biodiversity management. An environmental policy must be appropriate for the organization.

 Environmental sensing refers to the representation and measurement of the characteristics of earth surface. It includes temperature sensors, wind speed measurement sensors, water level sensors, wind direction sensors.

Some of the assignment help topics include :

  • Environmental Problems, Their Causes and Sustainability, Living More Sustainably, Population Growth, Economic Growth, Economic Development, Environmental Problems, Causes, Connections, Science, Matter and Energy, Science, Technology, and Environmental Science, Models and Behavior Systems,Law of Conservation of Matter, Fundamental Laws of Energy, Nuclear Changes, Matter and Energy Change Laws and Sustainability, Matter Cycling in Ecosystems, The Water Cycle, The Carbon Cycle, The Nitrogen Cycle, The Phosphorus Cycle, The Sulfur Cycle, Climate and Biodiversity, Climate and Factors Affecting It, Climate and Life on Land, Aquatic Environments, Geology and Nonrenewable Mineral Resources, The Nanotechnology Revolution, Earth’s Major Geological Processes, Harmful Effects of Using Mineral resources
  • Mining and It’s Harmful Environmental Effects, Sustainable Use of Mineral resources, Nanotechnology and sustainability,Contemporary Issues in Engineering, Procurement of work, bidding and selection process, Legal Issues in Engineering, Career Development, Leadership and Development, Public Involvement and Interaction,Service in Professional Organizations, Social, Environmental, and Economic Impacts of Engineering Solutions, Construction Risk and Liability, Statistical Analysis of Analytical Data, Solids, Gravimetric Analysis, Turbidity, Turbidimetry and Nephelometry, Settling,Microbiology of Activated Sludge, Microscopy, Microbial Growth, Cultural Methods, DO, Winkler and Electrical Methods, BOD, Gas Transfer, Aeration, Basic statistics, means, medians & modes
  • Probability density functions, Computing means, variances from PDFs, Estimating errors, Error propagation, Errors on the mean, Significance of differences, Correlation, Least-squares fits, Matlab and linear algebra, Least-squares fits: finding solutions, Least-squares fits: estimating uncertainties,Catch-up, Weighted least-squares fits, fitting complex quantities, Goodness of fit, Decorrelation and degrees of freedom, Sinusoidal variability, Spectral analysis, Fourier transforms, The fast Fourier transform, Spectra, Uncertainties and spectra, Coherence, Rotary spectra, Empirical orthogonal functions, Uncertainty and EOFs,Design, Prototypes, Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Sustainable Infrastructure, Sustainable Agriculture, Waste Water Treatment, Solid and Hazardous Waste, Water Monitoring, Environmental Policy, Water Quality, Permitting, Low Impact Development, Environmental Engineering, Fundamentals of Microbiology,cells, metabolism and growth,bacteria, protozoa, algae, fungi, viruses, Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes

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Help for complex topics like :

  • Biodegradable Solid Waste, Sludge Treatment Processes, Role of Chemistry in Environmental Engineering, Chemistry of Waste Decomposition in Landfill, Energy from Waste, Air Pollution,Energy Management and Life Processes, Conservation of Resources, Pollution, Ocean Formation, Biological Evolution in the Oceans, Extreme Environments, Vegetative Anatomy, Botanical Evolutionary Processes, Human Interaction with Plants, Taxonomy and Phylogeny, Insects, reptiles, fish and birds,Water, air, and soil pollution, Sources, transformations, Effects, and processes for removal of contaminants, Water quality, Water and wastewater treatment, Waste disposal, Air pollution, Global environmental problems, Field trip, Exploration of specific environmental science,Principles of Heat, nature of heat, heat transfer mechanisms, vapours , gases, heating systems
  • Thermal Insulation, insulating materials, U-values, structural temperatures, Thermal Energy, thermal comfort, comfort indices, indoor air quality, natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, heat losses, heat gains, heat balance, heat load, energy consumption, degree days, fuel consumption, Humidity , Condensation, psychrometric chart, condensation in buildings, condensation conditions, Principles of Light, electromagnetic radiation, nature of vision, measurement of lighting colour, Artificial Lighting, lamps, luminaires, lighting design, Natural Lighting, natural light sources, daylight factors, combined factors,Environmental Buildings climate, energy conservation, sick buildings, green buildings, intelligent buildings, integrated building design, Coping with Complexity, modelling , simulation, Thermal Comfort, comfort indices, transient conditions, comfort models, physiological models
  • Air Quality, Air Quality in outdoor, Air Quality in indoor, room airflow, ventilation efficiency, Room Conditions, vertical temperature gradients, horizontal temperature gradients, Thermal Energy, energy consumption, fuel consumption, simplified methods, advanced methods, Environmental impact,life cycle analysis, Water Supplies, fluids at rest, fluid flow,natural waters, water treatment, Power Supply Demand, Acoustics, principles of sound, sound insulation, room acoustics, Integrated Building Design,Coping with Complexity,modelling , simulation, Advanced water , wastewater treatment,Air pollution control, Chemistry for environmental engineering,Contaminated land,Dissertation, Environmental analysis, Environmental fluid mechanics, Environmental management in developing countries, Environmental management , decision-making, Hydroinformatics,Containment engineering, Mathematical modelling, statistical modelling, Microbiology for environmental engineering, Solid waste management, Urban Hydrology , Urban Drainage, Water treatment, wastewater treatment, Water supply
  • Environmental Engineering,Fundamentals of Microbiology: Cells, Metabolism, Growth, Microbial Groups ,Bacteria, Protozoa, Algae, Fungi, Viruses,Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes,Biodegradable Solid Waste and Sludge Treatment Processes,The Role of Chemistry in Environmental Engineering,Chemistry Tutorial Questions,Chemistry of Waste Decomposition in Landfill,Energy from Waste,Air Pollution
  • environmental engineering ,hazardous waste management,water treatment,wastewater treatment,air pollution and its control,solid waste management,groundwater pollution ,environmental regulations

Few Topics are:

  • Quantitative evaluations
  • environmental processes
  • mass and energy balances
  •  mass and heat transfer
  •  chemical kinetics
  •  water quality modeling
  •  water treatment
  •  indoor and outdoor air quality
  • risk analyses


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