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Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet programming which is a part of microsoft office. Spreadsheet is the type of application program which defines that the data should be numerical form or string in rows and column of the cells. Excel can handle the various types of data and pupose of calculations. Excel is also called as the word processor for numbers. It is a convinient program because it allows the user to create the large spreadsheet and allow the better storage of information.

The objectives of using Excel is to create and save the workbook file, insert, delete, resize and create the columns and the rows, easy to understand the use of excel, spreadsheet and excel windows, working with editing tools and insert the formulas and functions, in excel, select and move the cell ranges, preview and print a workbook.

There are various types of features of excel such as calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables and macro programming language called VBA(Visual Basic Applications). It also uses- data entry, formulas for automatic computaion, automatic graphs or charts, manipulating anf formatting the data.

Some basic components of excel are Office button Quick access toolbar Formula bar Active cells Horizontal scrollbar and Vertical scrollbar View shortcuts Zoom controls Sheet tab scrolling buttons Status bar Workbook window Row headings and column headings. One can easily use Excel in following ways:- New workbook based on the blank template.- Entering data in a cell.- Auto-fill in MS excel.- Merge and center the excel.

These are the few topics covered in Excel:-

  • Tables
  • Cell referencing
  • Advanced data formatting
  • Charts & graphs
  • Text formulas
  • Date & Time functions
  • Logical Formulas
  • Information formulas
  • Enter number with format symbol
  • Enter and format date
  • Enter formula with absolute references
  • Enter IF function
  • Copy using fill handle
  • Freeze and unfreeze column and row titles
  • Assign Formats to Nonadjacent Ranges
  • Display/hide drawing toolbar
  • Dock Toolbar at Bottom of Screen

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Few topics :

  • Entering and editing data
  • Modifying a worksheet
  • Using functions
  • Opening and navigating workbooks
  • Working with large worksheets
  • Formatting worksheets
  • Printing
  • Creating charts
  • Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Working with dates
  • Conditional formulas and formatting
  • List management
  • Documenting and auditing
  • Using templates
  • Using logical functions
  • Working with lookups
  • Advanced list management
  • Pivottables and pivotcharts
  • Using analytical options
  • Macros
  • Building complex formulas
  • Advanced functions in formulas
  • Data & text functions
  • Array formulas
  • Auditing formulas



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