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Fault Tolerance Assignment help , Fault Tolerance Homework help

Get custom writing services for Fault Tolerance Assignment help & Fault Tolerance Homework help. Our Fault Tolerance Online tutors are available for instant help for Fault Tolerance assignments & problems. Fault Tolerance Homework help & Fault Tolerance tutors offer 24*7 services . Send your Fault Tolerance assignments at  or else upload it on the website. Instant Connect to us on live chat for Fault Tolerance assignment help & Fault Tolerance Homework help.

Our Fault Tolerance Assignment help tutors help with topics like Fundamental concepts: reliable and available systems (cross reference SF/Reliability through Redundancy),Fault tolerant strategies: Fault detection, masking, containment, location, reconfiguration, and recovery ,Fault tolerant design techniques: Hardware redundancy, software redundancy, time redundancy, and information redundancy ,Testing and Design for Testability ,Self-checking and fail-safe circuits ,Infomation Redundancy : coding techniques, error detection and correction codes, burst error detection and correction, unidirectional codes.

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  • Help for Essay writing on various Fault Tolerance topics
  • Custom solutions for Fault Tolerance assignments at Masters & Phd level.
  • Help for Doctoral Dissertation in Fault Tolerance

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Spatial and temporal redundancy (cross reference SF/Reliability through Redundancy)
  • Methods used to implement fault tolerance
  • Examples of OS mechanisms for detection, recovery, restart to implement fault tolerance, use of these ,Fault tolerance in real-time systems:
  • Time-space tradeoff, fault tolerant scheduling algorithms ,Faul tolerant interconnection networks: hypercube, star graphs, and fault tolerant ATM switches ,Dependable communication: Dependable channels, survivable networks, fault-tolerant routing ,Case studies of fault tolerant multiprocessor and distributed systems.

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Help for complex topics like:

  • fault tolerance, reliability, and availability,Fault tolerance in distributed systems: Byzantine General problem, consensus protocols, checkpointing and recovery, stable stoage and RAID architectures, and data replication and resilience
  • Dependability evaluation techniques and tools: Fault trees, Markov chains; HIMAP tool ,Analysis of fault tolerant hardware and software architectures ,System-level fault tolerance and low overhead high-availability technique,
  • methods for implementing fault tolerance in an operating system

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Topics for Fault Tolerance :

  • Applications of fault-tolerance, Fundamentals of dependability, Attributes, reliability, availability
  • safety, Impairments, faults, errors and failures, fault prevention, removal and forecasting, Dependability evaluation, Common measures, failures rate, mean time to failure
  • mean time to repair, Reliability block diagrams, Markov processes, Hardware redundancy, Redundancy schemes.Evaluation and comparison, Applications, Information redundancy
  • linear Codes, Hamming Codes, cyclic Codes, unordered Codes, arithmetic Codes, Encoding and decoding techniques, Applications, Time redundancy, Software fault tolerance
  • Specific features, Software fault tolerance techniques, N-version programming, recovery blocks, self-checking software, tolerating hardware and software faults, analysis of fault-tolerant systems
  • project management for safety-critical systems, project development processes for safety-critical systems, Terminology and definitions, dependability, reliability, maintainability
  • availability and safety, taxonomies for dependable systems and fault models.Design techniques for faulttolerance, Hardware redundancy, triple modular redundancy (TMR)
  • active redundancy, hot and cold standby systems, hybrid redundancy, Software redundancy, N-version programming and recovery blocks, detecting and tolerating transient faults
  • Information redundancy, parity and coding techniques for memory protection, Error detection and recovery, Watchdog-timers, consistency checks, duplication and comparison
  • forward and backward recovery, Faulttolerance in distributed systems, failure mode assumptions, Byzantine agreement, time-triggered systems, membership protocols, clock synchronisation, Analysis of fault-tolerant system.
  • Reliability block diagrams, fault-trees, Markov chain models, Stochastic Petri, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), failure rate prediction for integrated circuits , fault injection
  • Markov chain models , Stochastic Petri nets , reliability and availability of a faulttolerant, Development processes, Life-cycle models, hazard analysis, risk analysis, safety case and the IEC 61508 standard
  • dependability ,methods to achieve dependability
  • Protocols for synchronous distributed systems
  • Protocols and abstractions for asynchronous distributed systems
  • logical and vector clocks
  • broadcast
  • failure detectors 


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