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Financial market is the market where trading of entities like securities , commodities and other items are done at low transaction costs. Financial market is divided into two parts - Money market and capital market .

Money market : A segment where short term funds are lent and borrowed . Money market is made up of large number of sub markets . For example , commercial paper market , commercial bill market etc . organized money structure and unorganized money structure are two types of money structure .
There can be the situation of fund shortage and absence of integration in money market .

Capital market : It is the market where trading of entity like bonds , equities and mortgages are done . Long terms and over night funds are offered by capital market . Financial institutions and securities market are the two parts of the capital market .Under writing business and public confidence are growing rapidly .

  • Financial institutions - Long term and medium term loan facilities are provided by financial institutions .
  • Securities - It is also known as guilt – edged market .

What does marketing actually mean to us? In clear words, before a new product or plan launches in the market, proper planning is needed to be made in order to make that particular product or plan successful and profitable in the market. This whole process is known as marketing.

Marketing assignment can be done or carried out in various methods. But, the common goal of this type of assignment is to make an impact up on the people so that they are influenced to buy or avail the plan or product.

Finance can be defined as the study of the way of allocation of scarce resources by people over time and distribution of cost & benefits. However this is the fact that size of future cash flows & actual timing are known probabilistically. Finance is analytical and its basis is economic principles. Accounting information is used by finance as an input for the purpose of decision-making. In finance, it is studied that how to invest & increase money productively. If finance is understood then evaluation of the uncertain cash flows can be done easily. Financial systems are used by people while implementing decisions. Financial system is the set of markets & other institutions which can be used for exchange of risks & assets and financial contracting.

Marketing can be defined as a management process which is performed for identifying, anticipating & satisfying the requirements of customer profitably. In other words, it is a managerial & social process which is performed by individual or group of people for obtaining what they desire & require through activities such as creating, offering & exchanging value products with the others.

The activities of marketing include exchange, logistical & facilitating.  There are various tasks which are included in marketing plan including market analysis; company analysis; finding the objectives, strategies & tactics and control. Today, there are various media options to contact with public. Some of them are – flex, banners, ads on TV, mobile, internet and many more.

Before executing a marketing assignment, the target area must be determined. No one would plan to sell fur coats in extremely hot countries. Then, you have to decide the media options to spread your words to people.

The most important part comes now. Whatever you are trying to sell must have a catchy title along with it that will thrust the eagerness and interest of an individual to know more about the ad.

With these marketing assignment help, you can surely make your product boom in the market.

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Needs of Marketing Assignment Help

  • Objectives of financial management; time value of money;Cash Flow Statement ,Bond Valuation ,Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sources of long term finance ,Private Equity and Venture Capital ,Income Statement & Balance Sheet,Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Finance ,CAPM Model ,Derivatives ,MM Model ,Capital Structure ,Management Accounting ,Investment Analysis

Generally topics like Investment decisions; importance, difficulties, determining cash flows, methods of capital budgeting; are considered very complex ,risk analysis (risk adjusted discount rate methods and certainly equivalent methods) cost of different sources of raising capital;

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Help for complex topics like:

weighted average cost of capital. Capital Structure decisions-financial and operating leverages; capital structure theories- NI, NOI, traditional and M-M theories; determinants of dividend models-Walter, Gordon & M.M. models. VWorking Capital – meaning, need, determinants;

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Topics like estimation of working capital need; management of cash; inventory & receivable. & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.

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Finance & Marketing

  • Financial Markets, Incentives for and Regulation of Disclosure Gassen, Capital Market Consequences of Disclosure Gassen, Basic Mechanisms of Financial Crises Heinemann, Uptick rule, crowded bankruptcy courts 
  • Trade credit Adam, SOX Adam, Regulation FD Adam, Maturity Transformation;Systemic Risk Heinemann, Modelling Financial Crises as Coordination Games Heinemann, Capital Adequacy Requirements
  • Lender of Last Resort, Intro to Finance, Present Value, Stock and Bond Valuation , Perpetuities and Annuities, Capital Budgeting, Intro to Statistics, Uncertainty, Default, and Risk, Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Market Efficiency , Behavioral Finance, Investments;Portfolio Theory, Valuation from Comparables , Financial RatiosFrom Financial Statements to Cash Flows, Pro Forma Financial Projections & Analysis, Mergers
  • Acquisitions, Corporate Control;Distribution Center Location;Trade Analysis Conclusion;Trade Study For ELU Concepts And Learning;How Do You Make Decision;Trade Study Analysis;Marketing Research;The SABRE System;Supply Chain Management Help;Marketing Research Project;Trade Study Analysis Selection Criteria
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