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Finite Element Analysis Assignment Help

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Online Finite Element Analysis Assignment help tutors help with topics like Trusses and beams with stiffness derivations ,Potential energy method ,Heat transfer ,2D and 3D finite elements ,Isoparametric formulation ,Structural dynamics and modal analysis ,Finite element modeling. Our tutors & professors are helping students online at Undergraduate , graduate & the research level for topics like Isoparameteric Elements, Mappings – physical system and natural coordinate system, Numerical integration – Gauss quadrature, Numerical Implementation of the Finite Element Method.

Formulation of the finite element method using variational and weighted residual methods. Element types and interpolation functions. Application to elasticity problems thermal conduction and other problems of engineering and physics.

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Topics like Finite Elements for Dynamic Problems, Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis, Adaptive methods, Stability problems are really complex & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Variational Models, Calculus of variations, Constraints – Lagrange multiplier, Constraints – penalty,Galerkin method , Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer.
  • Scope of application , Basic relationships, procedures for solution, static and dynamic strength problems , Steady state, time-dependent temperature , field in the body by conduction, convection, heat radiation , system of equations
  • Solving fluid flow using FEM , Acoustic pressure waves, Interaction with the environment, Frequency analysis, acoustic oscillations ,Basic analysis of electromagnetic fields, Strength of magnetic field effect, ferromagnetic environments 
  • linear equations in the FEM, displacement method, Derivation of the element matrices , planes stress, strain, three dimensional, axisymmetric
  • Plate bending elements, nonlinear analysis, Application to structures , Fem discretization and the direct stiffness method, Stiffness method of structural analysis, Structural modeling
  • Loads and displacement boundary conditions, Modeling stiffness, Advanced modeling: general constraints, substructuring, Formulation of finite elements, Variational formulation, Mathematical interpretation of finite elements
  • Shape functions,Development of continuum elements, Consistent loads, Isoparametric elements for plane stress, Numerical integration, Convergence requirements.
  • Element level calculations, Pre processing: model definition, Equation assembly, Equation solver, Truss optimization, Truss systems, Numerical integration, Parametric geometry, Stress analysis matrices
  • Post-processing for stresses and strains, Parametric curves, Torsion of non-circular bars, Modeling skills, stress and vibration, Parametric solids, Potential energy and rayleigh-ritz method, Shaft structure
  • Displacement interpolation, Plane stress gui, Plane stress p-method, Symmetric problems, 3-d beams, Beams, Plane stress batch w/ thermal effects, Post processing: strain and stress recovery, Natural frequency and modal analysis

Generally topics like Column storage schemes, Assembly in active column form, Static column solvers, Mesh generation, Finite Elements for Elasticity Problems, Plane stress – plane strain, Stress calculation, Incompressible problems are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Pressure, enforced displacement, and thermal loadings, Finite Elements for Axi-symmetric Elasticity Problems, Finite Elements for Plate Problems, Finite Elements for Shell Problems.

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If you are facing any difficulty in your Finite Element Analysis assignment questions then you are at the right place. We have more than 3000 experts for different domains.

Help for complex topics like :

  • Continuum Finite Elements, 1-D interpolation methods, 2-D interpolation methods – rectangles and triangles, 3-D interpolation methods – hexahedron, tetrahedron, prism, finite element (FE) method dealing with the fundamental principles
  • Solid mechanics, structures, Use of standard FE software , non-linear static and dynamic analysis, transient problems and specialized ,
  • Engineering problems, elasticity, matrix algebra, calculus of vibrations, energy principles, axial, beam,isoparametric, membrane, plate, torsion, fluid finite elements ,
  • Ritz method, Galerkin's method , finite elements for stability and dynamics.,Variational, weighted residual approach, finite element equations,Emphasis on two- and three-dimensional problems.
  • higher order elements, numerical integration, imposition of constraints, penalty, convergence, Dynamic, vibrational problems, eigenvalues, time integration, geometric and material nonlinearities,Variational residual approach to finite element equations 
  • weighted residual approach to finite element equations, two dimensional problems in solid mechanics, three dimensional problems in solid mechanics,Isoparametric element formulation ,higher order elements, numerical integration,
  • imposition of constraints , penalty, convergence, Use of two dimensional computer programs, three dimensional computer programs.,Dynamic problems, vibrational problems, eigenvalues, time integration 

Finite Element Analysis

  • finite element methods ,simple one-dimensional problem, two- and three-dimensional
    elements, applications in heat transfer, solid mechanics & fluid mechanics
  • modeling, mathematical formulation, & computer implementation
  • Bundary value problems,
  • weighted residuals,variational methods,finite element formulation ,solution, FEA and FEA procedures,mechanics and essential mathematics,Abaqus and Matlab,Direct Approach for discrete systems,Strong and weak forms for 1D and 2D problems,
  • Formulation of finite elements:FEA in one dimension,2-D triangular element,2-D quadrilateral element,Isoparametric 2-D elements,3-D element,Beam element,Plate bending element,Computer implementation of FEA
  • Finite elements, plate and shell elements,constant strain triangle & vibration problems,transient problems & thermal stress,numerical integration methods,
  • Variational Principles, Direct Method of Calculus of Variation, Galerkin’s method, numerical Integration, Static Condensation,
  • Performance of Elasticity Elements, Barlow’s points , Continuum Elements, Axisymmetric Elasticity Problems, Plate Problems , Dynamics & Shell Problems , Free Vibration Analysis

Topics For Finite Element Analysis

  • Truss and beam elements , structural analysis, heat transfer elements,finite element assembly process,Linear elasticity,Energy formulations ,displacement FEs,Plane problems,Solution techniques
  • Modelling ,errors and accuracy,Axisymmetric problems,Plates,Computational Fluid Dynamics,Mathematical Formulation of Fluid Dynamics ,  Continuity Equation ,Navier-Stokes Equation ,
  • Equation of Energy  Submodels for Two-Phase Flows and Combustion,Turbulence Modelling,Direct Numerical Simulation  ,Large Eddy Simulation ,Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes ,Eddy viscosity concept,k-epsilon models,
  • Second moment closure ,Reynolds stress models,Domain Discretisation ,Grid Generation ,Types of Grids and  Application,,Numerical Solution Methods Finite ,Differences Finite Volumes,Boundary Elements Spectral Methods,
  • Equation Discretisation Schemes,Upwind Differencing ,Central Differencing ,Power Law Differencing Higher Order Schemes Numerical Diffusion,Pressure Correction Algorithms SIMPLE,PISO ,other variations,
  • Relaxation and Convergence Overall Methodology Relaxation Techniques Residuals,Commercial CFD Packages,Capabilities ,Errors ,Accuracy Visualisation of CFD Results,Matrix method of structural analysis,
  • Stiffness matrix for discrete members,Force and displacement methods, merge process, transformation, substructuring,Stiffness matrix for continuum,General element requirements,Errors, convergence, modelling, mesh generation,Recent developments
  • shape functions ,direct and energy-based formulations ,coordinate transformations ,boundary conditions
  • Planar model formulations ,work equivalent loads ,Jacobian matrix ,numerical integration
  • stress averaging ,Modeling, common errors, convergence, and accuracy issues ,3D solids, solids of revolution, plates and shells
  • Thermal analysis ,matrix formulation ,steady state and transient response ,nonlinear modeling and procedures ,simple material nonlinearity
  • stress stiffening ,contact interface ,numerical modelling techniques ,solid mechanics ,machines and structures
  • computational engineering


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