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Our Foundation Engineering Assignment help tutors help with topics like basics of Foundation Design,,Inclined Loads & Moments Layered Systems, and Sloping Ground ,Shear Strength / Compressibility,Site Characterization, Settlement-Clays / Sands, Laterally Loaded Piles & Shafts.

Foundation Engineering

Foundation Engineering  refers to the field of engineering which includes the design of those structures that support other structures, most typically buildings, transportation infrastructure or bridges . It is the lowest part of building structure that focuses on soil-structure interaction which is also called  ground sill used to transfers loads to the ground. It is of two types i.e. Shallow foundation and Deep foundation where Shallow foundation  transmit the loads to soil at shallow depth and Deep foundation transit the load to deeper soil.

An foundation is the most minimal piece of the building structure. It is the designing field of concentrate dedicated to the outline of those structures which bolster different structures, most normally structures, extensions or transportation framework. It is at the outskirts of Civil, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering disciplines and has unmistakable concentrate on soil-structure association. It is additionally called as ground ledge, which exchanges burdens to the ground.

It is for the most part broken into two classes: Shallow establishment and Deep establishment. Establishment engineers are called upon to decide the most ideal method for exchanging basic burdens from structures, spans, machines, parkway signs, and so forth to soil and shake in a sheltered and sparing way.

Foundation engineering provides construction monitoring services and geotechnical designs which leads to a perfect infrastructure.

  • Well foundations
  • Caisson foundations
  • Pile foundations


  • Grillage foundations
  • Raft foundations
  • Stepped foundations
  • Inverted arch foundations
  • Spread footing
  • Open trench foundations

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Foundations on banks and collapsible soils, Geotechnical precautions for foundations on collapsible areas, areas failed by mining activities , seismic active areas, Problems of flooded areas , foundation in wet ground
  • Scours of bridge abutments, Design of foundations , foundation pits in confined conditions, Design of vertical drains, deep vibrocompacting, Geotechnical monitoring,Shear Strength of Soils, and Foundation Analysis
  • Subsurface Sampling and Characterization Methods, and Application to Foundation Design , Bearing Capacity Analysis of Shallow and Deep Foundations , Concept of upper and lower bound solutions 
  • Undrained analyses (simple circular arc, theories of Prandl and Reissner) ,Drained analyses (Terzaghi’s theory) , Special factors (Skempton, Brinch-Hansen, Vesic, and Meyerhof factors for depth,
  • slope, inclined load, , Shape, layered soils, anisotropy) , Knowledge gained from case histories of bearing capacitry , Design of Shallow Foundations , Structural design of shallow foundations ,
  • Settlement analysis of shallow foundations on clay and sand , Balancing bearing capacity and settlement in design , Strategies to mitigate the effects of expansive soils on foundations
  • Fundamentals of Deep Foundations , Pile Foundations , Pile types and deterioration issues Pile driving and allowable stresses , Construction, inspection, specifications and case histories 
  • Structural issues and design , Drilled Shaft Foundations , Other types of foundations (micropiles, helical anchors, anchors, soil nails etc.)
  • Static Capacity Design of Deep Foundations , Load testing of deep foundations , Static analyses of piles and drilled shafts in clay , Static analyses of piles and drilled shafts in sand , Time dependency of capacities

Topics for Foundation Engineering: 

  • Field Load Testing of Foundations , Soil-Structure Interaction for Deep Foundations , Axial loading of deep foundations , Lateral Loading of deep foundations , Thermal-mechanical behavior of energy foundations
  • Deep Foundations and Applications to Design ,  Wave equation analyses,Shallow foundation 
  • geotechechnical category using Brinch Hansen , Soil slopes stability, Petterson method, advancement of slope stability , Slumping , sanitation, factors influencing slumping , Deep pile foundation , pile classification
  • Terzaghi Bearing Capacity Theory, Factor of Safety, Modification of Bearing Capacity Equations for Water Table Eccentrically Loaded Foundations General Bearing Capacity Equation Settlement of Shallow Foundations types of Foundation Settlement Elastic Settlement
  • Primary Consolidation Settlement,inspection, specifications and case histories, Structural issues and design, Other types of foundations (micropiles, helical anchors, anchors, soil nails etc.),
  • Static Capacity Design of Deep Foundations, Load testing of deep foundations, Static analyses of piles and drilled shafts in clay, Static analyses of piles and drilled shafts in sand, Time dependency of capacities,
  • Field Load Testing of Foundations, Axial loading of deep foundations, Lateral Loading of deep foundations, Thermal-mechanical behavior of energy foundations, Dynamic Analysis of  Applications to Design,
  • Wave equation analyses, Aspects of foundation engineering, Soil mechanics, Geotechnical field investigations, Bearing capacity of foundations, Foundation settlements, Factors to consider in foundation design
  • Special footings and beams on elastic foundations, Mat foundations, Lateral earth pressure, Soil retaining structures, Pile foundations - Single piles, Single piles - Dynamic analysis, Soil Properties, soil classification, Compaction, Stress analysis, Consolidation, Shear strength, Shallow foundations, Mat foundation, Lateral earth pressure and retaining wall, Sheet piles, Piles in sand, Piles in clay,
  • Slope stability, Foundation Types, LRFD vs. ASD, Issues to Consider in Design, Shear Strength of Soils, Application to Foundation Analysis, Subsurface Sampling and Characterization Methods.
  • Deep Foundation, Correlations for Calculating Qp with SPT and CPT, Frictional Resistance in Sand and Clay.
  • Foundations of structures ,Foundations and Earth Retaining Structures, Soil Strength and Slope Stability,  design of structural foundations and retaining structures.

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Foundation Engineering assignment questions

Help for complex topics like:

  • Structural foundations , earth retaining structures ,common failure mechanisms and scale effects in geotechnical engineering , accepted analysis and design techniques.
  • Soil Strength, Slope Stability and Seepage Effects Planar and Circular Failure Mechanisms Slope Stability Analysis with Methods of Slices Slope Stability Analysis with Software
  • FEM,Subsurface Explorations, Methods for obtaining specific soil parameters, Shallow Foundations,Bearing Failures, Terzaghi’s Model for Bearing Capacity,soil mechanics model
  • elastic, consolidation and creep settlement of shallow footings; total and differential settlement; bearing capacity of shallow footings of layered soils
  • raft foundations; piling options;relationship between construction techniques and pile performance; axial capacity of single piles in compression and tension; settlement of single piles; capacity and settlement of pile groups
  • piled rafts; lateral capacity of piles; rational methods for design of rock-socketed piles; static, dynamic, statnamic and integrity testing of piles, soil parameters and correlations, Shallow foundations: H V M loading; bearing capacity (drained and undrained) V -H and M-V interactions and fully combined loading; settlement, foundation selection, lateral loading
  • CPT interpretation and pile design, Site investigation techniques; soil parameter determination; foundation testing methods; field monitoring. General Bearing Capacity Equations & Examples, Sizing of Foundations; Eccentric Loads ,7 Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Clays and Sands,Scale Effects in Settlements ,
  • Mat Foundations; Compensation; Rigid/Flexible ,Assumptions; Alternative Design Methods, Active and Passive Earth Pressures on Retaining,Structures; Stability Checks; Gravity Systems, Cantilever Walls.,7 Reinforced Earth Structures, Analysis and Design;, Sheetpile Walls; Construction; Modeling Assumptions;,Stability Analysis; Design., High & Low,Displacement Piles.
  • Skin Friction; End Bearing, Calculation of Pile Capacities, Settlements of Piles; ,Lateral Deflections, Drilled Pier and Caisson Foundations,Foundations on Collapsible Soils & Highly , Compressible Soils.

Foundation Engineering includes:

  • Types of Pile in Use; Estimating Pile Length; Installation of Piles;Load Transfer Mechanism; Equations for Estimating Pile Capacity; Meyerhof’s Method for Estimating Qp;
  • Other Correlations for Calculating Qp with SPT and CPT Results; Frictional Resistance (Qs) in Sand; Frictional (Skin) Resistance in Clay; General Comments and Allowable Pile Capacity;
  • Point Bearing Capacity of Piles Resting on Rock; Elastic Settlement of Piles; Laterally Loaded Piles; Pile-Driving Formulas; Group Piles, Efficiency; Pile Load Test; Negative Skin Friction;
  • Drilled Shafts Extending into Roc ,Grain Size Distribution; Weight-Volume Relationships; Relative Density; Atterberg Limits; Soil Classification Systems; Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil;
  • Steady State Seepage; Effective Stress; Consolidation; Consolidation Settlement; Shear Strength, Subsurface Exploration Program; Exploratory Borings in the Field;Procedure for Sampling Soil;
  • Observation of Water Tables; Vane Shear Test; Cone Penetration Test; Coring of Rocks; Preparation of Boring Logs; Subsoil Exploration Report,Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow
  • Foundation, Terzaghi’s Bearing Capacity Theory; Factor of Safety; Modification of Bearing Capacity Equations for Water Table;General Bearing Capacity Equation; Eccentrically Loaded

Topics covered by Foundation Engineering:

  • Settlement of Shallow Foundation,Foundation Settlement; Elastic Settlement Based on the Theory of Elasticity; Elastic Settlement of Foundations on Saturated Clay
  • Range of Material Parameters for Computing Elastic Settlement, Primary Consolidation Settlement and Creep Settlement,Primary Consolidation Settlement Relationships, Three-Dimensional Effect on Primary Consolidation Settlement
  • Field Load Test; Presumptive Bearing Capacity
  • Tolerable Settlement of Buildings ,Soil exploration and sampling, States of plastic equilibrium, bearing capacity, settlement of foundations, Foundation design, spread footing
  • upper and lower bound solutions, Undrained analyses, Drained analyses, Special factors,Strategies to mitigate the effects of expansive soils, , Pile Foundations, Pile types and deterioration issues
  • Construction, inspection, specifications, Structural issues and design, Other types of foundations, Static Capacity Design of Deep Foundations, Load testing of deep foundations, Static analyses of piles and drilled shafts in clay
  • Static analyses of piles and drilled shafts in sand, Time dependency of capacities, Field Load Testing of Foundations, Soil-Structure Interaction for Deep Foundations, Axial loading of deep foundations,
  • Lateral Loading of deep foundations, Thermal-mechanical behavior of energy foundations, Dynamic Analysis, Pile driving formulas.
  • Wave equation analyses, Soil Improvement, Field Compaction; Vibroflotation; Sand Drains; Wick Drains (Prefabricated Vertical Drains); Soil Stabilization by Admixtures;Subgrade Reaction Analysis
  • Axial Capacity of Piles , Pile Groups/ Pile Dynamic, Wave Equation, Lateral Pressure, Retaining Walls, Sheet Pile Walls /Excavation Support & Dewatering, Bearing Capacity, Inclined Loads & Moments /Layered Systems
  • Sloping Ground, Shear Strength / Compressibility, Site Characterization, Settlement-Clays / Sands , Introduction to Foundation Design Motivation for using Different Foundation Types , LRFD vs. ASD  Issues to Consider in Design.

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Foundation Engineering includes complex topics:

  • Performance,requirements,strength and serviceability,requirement,site exploration,laboratory and testing,synthesis of laboratory and field data,Types of shallow foundations,bearing capacity,
  • selection of soil strength parameters,Design of shallow foundations,types of loading ,axial load capacity , toe bearing,side friction,upward load capacity,group effects
  • settlement of deep foundations,cantilever retaining walls,sheet pile walls,Earthquake Engineering,Stability and Dynamics,Ground Engineering,Safety, Risk and Reliability,Indeterminate Structures


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