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Highway and Transportation Engineering ,basics of highway system, i.e., driver, vehicle, structure and the interaction between them as related to the design,construction, operation and maintenance of the highway system

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Importance of Transportation, Road Classification, Road Classification ,Driver, Vehicle, and Road Characteristics: The Human Response Process, Older Drivers, Pedestrians and Bicyclists, Resistance to Movement, Braking Distance, Minimum Curvature of a Horizontal Curve, Sight Distance

  • Traffic Engineering Studies: Spot Speed, Volume, Travel Time and Delay, Parking 4 Highway Safety: Issues Involved in Transportation Safety, Strategic Highway Safety Plans, Effectiveness of Safety Design Features

  • Intersection Design and Control: Types of Intersections, Design Principles for At-Grade Intersections, Sight Distance at Intersections, Conflict Points at Intersections, Signal Timing

  • Highway Capacity and Level of Service: Traffic Flow Elements, Fundamental Diagram of Flow, Two-Lane Highways, Multilane Highways, Basic Freeway Sections

  • Geometric Design: Highway Location, Highway Design Standards, Cross-Section Elements, Vertical Alignment, Horizontal Alignment, Design Consistency

  • Highway Materials: Soil Characteristics, Frost Action, Bituminous Materials, Superpave Asphalt Binder Grading, Asphalt Concrete, Asphalt Concrete Mix Design

  • Structural Design: Flexible Pavement, AASHTO Design Method, Rigid Pavement, PCA Design Method, Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design
    Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation: Pavement Evaluation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation Techniques

  • Highway Legislation and Administration , Highway Materials and Testing ,Transport Planning and Traffic Management ,Estimating and Costing ,Highway Design

Complex topics covered  :

  • Highway design, terrains curves, horizontal curves, vertical curves, schemes for highways, urban drainage, highway construction, highway planning process, principles of route location, Design speed, Geometric link design
  • Earthworks for highways, Road classifications, standards, hierarchies , Route location, design speed, principles of geometric alignment
  • Horizontal alignment , vertical alignment , co-ordinated alignment , Structural design of flexible, rigid pavements
  • operations;Road condition monitoring, rehabilitation options/methods , Road markings, signing, furniture, lighting , International Highway Engineering, Highway Capacity Manual
  • geometric design (ASSHTO), road maintenance (HDM);Design Elements, Sight Distances, Super-elevation, Spirals, Transition sections, Vehicle Loading, Pavement Mechanics, Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design
  • cross section and roadside design, highways and the environment, highway engineering standards, highway construction and maintenance, Circular Curves, Sight Distance, Superelevation
  • Clear  Zones, Turning Radius, Route layout and selection criteria, Cross-sections and drainage;Highway planning process and principles of route location;Bitumen and the concept of design speed;Design speed factors and geometric link design 
  • route location;Geometric link design;Pavement engineering;Numerical exercise on highway design;Pavement design;Pavement maintenance;Numerical exercise on pavement design;Road safety audits and surface drainage ;Sub-surface drainage
  • design speed , principles of geometric alignment , Horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, co ordinated alignment , Structural design of flexible
  • Road surfaces, skidding resistances , road safety , Road construction , maintenance methods, operations , Road condition monitoring 
  • Pavement construction methods , Pavement construction detailing, In service assessment of road pavements, Sustainable highway practice, recycling of road pavement materials

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