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Hydraulic engineering is mainly concerned with science of water. It describes about the water in motion and its interactions with the surrounding environment. Water is the most important element in the world. Life cannot be imagined without existence of water on earth. Hydraulics relates applications of fluid mechanics to civil, environmental and water engineering structures.Hydraulic structure must be analyzed properly in hydraulic engineering systems.

In this process, structural and hydraulic constraints interacts to design a hydraulic structure which is a complex task as well. Hydraulic engineering is a branch of civil engineering which mainly deals with water flow and its hydraulic structures. Hydraulic engineering systems are handled by hydraulic engineers who are concerned with real fluid flow hydrodynamics and principles of fluid mechanics.

Hydraulic engineering involves some of the major concepts namely pipelines, pipe networks, pumps, open channel flow, hydraulic structures, hydrostatics, pipe flow, hydraulic similitude etc. This broadly describes the hydraulics balances theory solving various problems to engineering related to hydraulics. This engineering controls and manages all water resources.

Hydraulic engineering is a broad field that ranges from the builder to the academic researcher. Without such a range it would not be the dynamic field that it is and, more importantly, it could not have contributed to society in the positive way that it has over the past century, and it would not continue to be a viable, challenging, and important profession. Hydraulics engineering is a field within the civil engineering discipline that addresses the control and management of water resources.

As a hydraulics engineer, you'll plan and manage the flow and storage of water. You may find yourself brainstorming solutions to address future water demands for cities or planning river and coastal flood control projects.

Hydraulic engineering is the application of fluid mechanics principles to problems dealing with the collection, storage, control, transport, regulation, measurement, and use of water. Before beginning a hydraulic engineering project, one must figure out how much water is involved. The hydraulic engineer is concerned with the transport of sediment by the river, the interaction of the water with its alluvial boundary, and the occurrence of scour and deposition.

Hydraulic engineering as a sub-discipline of civil engineering is concerned with the flow and conveyance of fluids, principally water and sewage. One feature of these systems is the extensive use of gravity as the motive force to cause the movement of the fluids. This area of civil engineering is intimately related to the design of bridges, dams, channels, canals, and levees, and to both sanitary and environmental engineering.

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Hydraulic Engineering Systems :
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  • Csos, ssos, Biological transformation in sewers, Sewer appurtenances,Sanitary sewer design, Hydrology, Rainfall and runoff estimation methods.Inlet design and stormwater drainage system design,
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  • Hydraulic engineering, Principles of fluid mechanics, Hydrostatic forces,, Flow in pipes,, Pump characteristics and selection,, Open channel flow.Closed conduit flow,
  • Hydrostatics;, Conservation of mass,, Energy equation,, Laminar/turbulent flow;, Head loss analysis;, Flow in small indeterminate, Pipe networks;, Flow in large pipe networks;,
  • Instruments and procedures for discharge measurements, Forces on closed conduits;, Hydraulic machinery, Understand pump/turbine operations;, Types of pumps/turbines.
  • Hydraulic machinery, Open channel flow, “steady,unsteady,uniform,non-uniform”, Hydraulic section;, Flows and design transitions;, Characterize critical flow and critical depth;
  • Change in depth across a hydraulic jump;, Function of common components of hydraulic structures, their function and design;, Unsteady closed conduit flow,rcc,Unsteady flow,
  • Hydraulic transient,, Fluid transient;, Time for flow establishment in pipes;, Pressure change due to velocity change.





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