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Interaction Modeling

An interaction model is a design model which combines an application in a way that supports the conceptual models of its target users.Interaction modeling holds an application together. Interaction model determine how all of the objects and actions are interrelate with each other.It support real-life user interactions.

Interaction modelling describes the rule based models and site-specific logical models.It determines the method to derive models of both types.Interaction model is based on directed Graphs which consists of nodes that represents processes.Its edges represents the interaction among processes.Prototypic implementation of interaction model is integrated in the modelling software promot.

It provides Quantitative (rule based) and Qualitative (logical) modeling formalism.It is rule based model and facilitates the systematic set-up of a rule-based model.It combines the advantage of of rule-based modeling and site-specific logical modeling in a common representation.It offers all informations that are needed to build consistent models in different formalism.



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