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Some of the homework help topics include :
  • Design and implementation of intelligent systems,Different agent architectures,uninformed and heuristic search,local search and optimization,Constraint satisfaction problems,Game playing and adversarial search
  • Knowledge representation,Logical reasoning,Propositional logic,Planning algorithms,Reasoning under uncertainty,Bayes rule,Belief networks,Decision making,Utility theory
  • Reinforcement learning,Game theory,probabilistic models in AI, clustering,philosophical and ethical issues in AI,AI,Informed search
  • Constraint satisfaction,More constraint algorithms,Logical systems,Propositional and Predicate Logics,Wumpus world, situation calculus ,Inference & resolution
  • Prolog,Knowledge representation,vision and AI,Planning and uncertainty,Planning,Uncertainty: Probability theory,Naive Bayes classifiers,Bayesian networks,planning under uncertainty
  • Machine learning,human intelligence,rule chaining,constraint propagation,constrained search,inheritance,statistical inference,problem solving paradigms,identification trees,neural nets
  • Genetic algorithms,support vector machines,boosting,ROC analysis ,Machine Learning,Neural Nets,Backpropagation,Applications of neural nets,convolutional nets,deep learning
  • Expert System,Logic,Planning,Markov Models,Hidden Markov Models,HMMs with Continuous Output Densities,Speech Recognition,Natural Language Processing,Search techniques,A* Search,Robot Path Planning ,Game Playing,Minimax & Minimax,Iterative Deepening

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Help for complex topics like :
  • Stochastic games,heuristic pruning,Crowd sourcing ,Human Computation,PUMA robot planning,Raibert's hopping robot,Robotics,Robot Path & Motion Planning,,Robot Motion Planning
  • Visibility Graph,Intensive artificial intelligence,Problem solving search,game playing,knowledge representation ,reasoning,uncertainty machine learning,natural language processing
  • Intelligent agents,systems, and robots,Problem Solving, Search,Optimization Problems,Representations, goals,various search algorithms,Game Playing and Constrain Satisfactions,Logical Representations
  • Reasoning Propositional logic,First-order logic concepts,First-Order Logic Inferences,Intelligent Actions, Planning, and Scheduling,Logics and probabilities,Knowledge bases,Expert systems
  • Action models,Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning,Probabilistic Representation & Reasoning,Temporal models, Hidden Markov Models,,Kalman filters,Dynamic Bayesian Networks
  • Automata theory,Utility Theories,functions,decision networks Sequential decision making,,Policies, MDP, PO-MDP,Multiagent decisions,Attribute-Based Learning,Forms of learning, Model selection
  • Supervised Learning of Decision Trees,PAC learning, Decision Lists,Neural Networks,Support Vector Machines,Ensemble and boost,Relation-Based Learning: Motivations, challenges and algorithms.
  • Inductive logic programming,Complementary Discrimination Learning,Probability-Based Learning,Probabilistic Models,Naïve Bayes Models,EM algorithm,Reinforcement Learning
  • Surprise-Based Learning Integrated Perception,Action, Problem Solving, and Learning,The challenge of vision and object/people,robotic applications, Communication, Collaboration, Self-organization,Self-reconfiguration
  • Reasoning: goal trees and problem solving ,rule-based expert systems ,Search: depth-first, hill climbing, beam,optimal, branch and bound, A* ,games, minimax, and alpha-beta
  • Constraints: interpreting line drawings,search, domain reduction ,visual object recognition ,learning, nearest neighbors
  • Learning: identification trees, disorder,neural nets, back propagation , genetic algorithms ,sparse spaces, phonology , near misses, felicity conditions, support vector machines boosting

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Representations: classes, trajectories, transitions
  • Architectures: GPS, SOAR, Subsumption, Society of Mind
  • The AI business
  • Probabilistic inference 
  • Model merging, cross-modal coupling, course summary
  • Scheme Review and Matching
  • Searches
  • Constraint Satisfaction
  • Games
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP) and Games
  • Learning as Search
  • Formulating Search
  • Decision Trees
  • Naïve Bayes
  • Design Project Presentation and Question-Answer
  • Continuous Features
  • Naïve Bayes and Nearest Neighbor
  • Linear Separators
  • Neural Nets
  • Support Vector Machines (SVM)
  • Support Vector Machines (SVM)
  • Feature and Model Selection
  • Problem Set Review
  • Formulating Learning
  • Introduction to Logic and Representation
  • Propositional Logic
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Logic and Proof
  • First Order Logic
  • Syntax and Semantics
  • Rules
  • Language
  • Problem Set 
  • Language
  • Conclusion

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence fundamentals :Spin-offs,High-level field,State of the art,Reasoning
  • Search: Specialized symbolic search,Constraint-based reasoning, Simple adversarial search
  • Neural networks: Perceptrons ,Feed forward networks, ,Boltzmann machines, ,autoencoders ,Backpropagation,Deep networks/deep learning,Knowledge-based reasoning,First-order logic and theorem proving
  • Rules and rule-based reasoning,Blackboard systems Structured knowledge: Frames, Conceptual Dependency,Description logic,Reasoning with uncertainty,Probability & certainty factors ,Bayesian networks ,Perception,Symbolic,Sensor processing
  • Natural language processing :Neural,Convolutional networks,Recurrent networks,Long short-term memory (LSTM) networks
  • Machine learning: Deep learning,Symbolic approaches, Multiagent systems, Societal/ethical concerns,Ensuring proper behavior, avoidance of hacking Job displacement & societal disruption,Ethics of deadly AIs: Danger of displacement of humanity,Human language technologies
  • Lexical semantics: corpora, thesauri, gazetteers., Distributional Semantics: Word embeddings, Character embeddings., Deep Learning for natural language, Applications: Entity recognition, Entity linking, classification, summarization., Opinion mining, Sentiment Analysis.
  • Language inference:Dialogic interfaces., Statistical Machine Translation.
  • NLP libraries: NLTK, Theano, Tensorflow Intelligent Systems for Pattern Recognition,Signal processing and time-series analysis,Image processing, filters and visual feature detectors
  • Bayesian learning and deep learning for machine vision and signal processing,Neural network models for pattern recognition on non-vectorial data,Kernel and adaptive methods for relational data
  • Pattern recognition applications: machine vision, bio-informatics, robotics, medical imaging, etc., ML and deep learning libraries.
  • Robotics : main definitions, illustration of application domains, Mechanics and kinematics of the robot, Sensors for robotics, Robot Control,Architectures for controlling behaviour in robots
  • Robotic Navigation,Tactile Perception in humans and robots,Vision in humans and robots,Analysis of case studies of robotic systems, Project laboratory: student work in the lab with robotic systems

Few Topics are:

  • knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI and its philosophy
  • logical reasoning
  • reasoning in the presence of uncertainty
  • machine learning
  • agency and uncertainty in AI
  • philosophical problems in AI.
  • implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI technique
  • AI reasoning, planning, doing, and learning.
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