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Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Topology in toy models,Hamiltonians,symmetry,Bulk-edge correspondence in the Kitaev chain,Majoranas I,Majorana signatures,4π-periodic Josephson effect,Andreev conductance quantization,braiding,quantum computation,Thouless pumps,winding invariant,Quantum Hall effect,pumping electrons in Landau levels,Chern insulators,Quantum Hall Effect on the lattice,Dirac Hamiltonian,Haldane model,Berry curvature,Chern number
  • Quantum spin Hall effect,Time-reversal symmetry,fermion parity pumps,Three-dimensional topological insulators,Dirac equation of the surface states,3D Bernevig-Hughes-Zhang model,Topological defects,Majoranas in topological insulators,superconductors,topological classification,periodic table of topological insulators,topological invariants,Anderson localization,Disorder,scaling theory of localization,Flow diagram of topological insulators
  • Extensions of classification I,Topology in gapless systems,Topological mechanics,Extensions of classification II,Floquet topological insulators,Crystalline topological insulators,Beyond single-particle physics,Fractional quantum Hall effect and topological particles,topology,simplicial complexes,Matlab,Simplicial chains,equivalence classes,simplicial homology,Boundary matrices,homology,Filtrations,persistent homology,JavaPlex,simplicial homology
  • persistence algorithm,Persistent homology,Geometric complexes,Nerve theorem,metric spaces,Point cloud data,Metric spaces,Vietoris-Rips complex,Witness complex,Classification of persistence vector spaces,Barcodes,persistence diagrams,metrics,stability,Persistence landscapes,statistics,machine learning
Introduction to Topology
  • Sets and Relations,Sets , Relations ,Equivalence Relations ,    Composition of Relations, , Functions, ,    Functions ,   Indexed Sets ,   Cartesian Products , Associated Set Functions ,   Algebra of Real-Value Functions, , Topology of the Line and Plane, ,  Open Sets ,   Accumulation Points , Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem ,Closed Sets ,Heine-Borel Theorem , Sequences ,Completeness , Topological Spaces, Open Sets and Topologies ,   Accumulation Points ,   Closure and Neighborhood 
  • Bases and Subbases for a Topology ,Coarser and Finer Topologies , Subspaces and Relative Topologies ,  Continuity , Metric and Normed Spaces , Distances and Metrics , Diameters and Open Spheres  Equivalent Metrics ,    Euclidean m-space ,    Hilbert Spaces ,    Normed Spaces, Separation Axioms, T1-Spaces , Hausdorff Spaces ,    Regular Spaces ,  Normal Spaces ,  Compactness, Covers and Compact Sets ,  Finite Intersection Property and Compactness , Sequential Compact Sets ,  Compactness in Metric Spaces , Connectedness, ,    Connectedness on R ,  Applications , Separated set
  • Euclidean spaces,metric, open, and closed sets,neighborhood,topology,Euler characteristic,triangulationorientability classification of surfaces


  • Set theory,metric spaces,topological spaces,continuity,connectedness,functions,homeomorphisms,compactness,topological invariants
  • topology,Topological spaces,continuous functions,connectedness,compactness,countability axioms,separation axioms,metrizationcomplete metric spaces,algebraic topology
  • Topological equivalence,topological equivalence of subsets of Euclidean spaces,path-connected sets ,subsets of Euclidean spaces principle,path-connectedness ,Pancake Theorem.,Topological spaces,topology on a set,topological space,continuous function between topological spaces,closed subsets of a topological space,Topological constructions,subspaces,product spaces,quotient spaces,cylinder,torus,Möbius band,projective plane ,Klein bottle,Compactness,open coverings and subcoverings
  • compact subset of a topological space,compact subsets,compact subsets in Euclidean,spaces (the Heine-Borel Theorem),Hausdorff spaces,bijection ,homeomorphism,quotient spaces ,equivalent paths,algebra of paths,fundamental group of the circle,path lifting theorem ,standard cover of the circle,degree of a loop in the circle,Brouwer Non-Retraction Theorem ,Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem,Fundamental Theorem of Algebra,Hairy Ball Theorem
  • topological spaces,continuous functions,compactness,connectedness,path-connectedness

Few topics are:

  • Metric spaces
  • Topological spaces
  • Separation axioms.
  • Open, closed and compact sets.
  • Continuous functions
  • Product spaces,
  • subspaces,
  • quotient spaces.
  • Connectedness and path-connectedness
  • Homotopy
  • Winding number
  • Brouwer fixed point theorem
  • Covering spaces.
  • van Kampen's theorem.
  • 2-manifolds.
  • Triangulations.
  • Euler characteristic.
  • Surgery

Complex Topics are:

  • metric and topological spaces
  • pervasive in mathematics
  • Hamming distance
  • error-correcting code
  • topological spaces
  • Topological spaces
  • Generalisation of metric spaces
  • metric spaces and topological spaces
  • separation axioms, compactness and connectedness.


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