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Java Hibernate: 

Java Hibernate provides open source object relational mapping which is used to change object type data into data base tables .Hibernate provides a medium between code and data base . Persistence objects , XML mapping and hibernate properties are the part of Hibernate .

Features of Hibernate are :

  • Byte code generation and build time source are not required .
  • Checking are automatically done .
  • Powerful object oriented query language .
  • Provides more transparency .
  • External provide services are easily integrated by hibernate .
  • Extensible type system

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Hibernate Query Language,HQL from clause ,HQL Select clause ,HQL Aggregate functions, Avg(), Min(), HQL where clause, HQL group by clause, HQL order by clause
  • Hibernate Criteria Query , Database Connectivity through Servlets, Relational Databases, Reusing Database Objects, Transactions ,Annotation Mapping, ORM.
  • Hibernate configuration file & mapping files,Session operations,Hibernate strategies,Mapping of relations,Lazy loading,Fetching strategies,Querying using HQL, Criteria and QBE ,Hibernate Caching.


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Help for complex topics like:

  • Object persistence in a relational model are addressed by Hibernate , relationships between SQL, Java and Hibernate , Hibernate Persistence Manager , map Java classes to relational tables , create and use mappings between Java classes and relational databases , identity and keys are handled in Hibernate.

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Hibernate Criteria Query API to do searches and Query By Example

Java hibernate topics :
  • Hibernate, The object/relational mapping problem
  • Hibernate.properties, Hibernate.cfg.xml, Hibernate persistence, Hibernate architecture, Sessionfactory methods, Hibernate sessions, Object states, State transitions, Session methods, Transactions, Session-per-operation,
  • Session-per-request, Data access object pattern, Object/relational mapping, Object-oriented design, Relational mapping
  • Primary keys and identity,Named parameters, Entity parameters, Joining on associations, Aggregate methods, Updates and deletes, Named queries, Using native sql, Hibernate components
  • Creating entities, Configuration files, Orm configuration files, Hibernate.cfg.xml configuration file, Using the hibernate api, Session object
  • Operations with entities: Transactions, Queries and hql
  • Relationships between entities, Types of relationship, Mapping relationships
  • Mapping persistent classes, From pojo to database, Xml-style mapping, Annotation-style mapping,Session manager, Transitive persistence
  • Advanced mapping
  • Querying data, First- and second-level caching
  • Object identity, Fine-grained object models, Mapping class inheritance, Compound keys
  • Query features, Hql, criteria, and native sql queries, Advanced, reporting, and dynamic queries, Runtime fetching and query optimization, Data filters, Transactions and concurrency:, Transaction api, Isolation levels,
  • Optimistic and pessimistic locking, Application transactions, Designing layered applications


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