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Java servlet is defined as a small program which run on a web server. These are mainly used to create dynamic websites in terms of web content. 

  • Life cycle management
  • Web server interaction
  • Managing application wide resources
  • Sharing applications by single process

These functionalities combines with java functionalities namely object-orientated programming, strict types, robust API, platform neutrality etc. which makes it easier for programmers to develop servlets in a more proficient way. A servlet API defines its specification which specifies configuration files for web applications. Servlets are associated with web applications. A web application can have zero or multiple servlets and servlet container manages these servlets.

Java Servlets can handle multithreading, URL access, image manipulation, compression of data, serialization of object, memory access, cookie handling, JDBC operations and networking operations. 

Some of the Java Servlet assignment help topics include:

  • Architecture and challenges of Web Application , Web Container, Web Application Basics , Architecture and challenges of Web Application , life cycle , Developing and Deploying web programs , Deployment Descriptor (web.xml) , Handling Request and Response .
  • Accessing Database ,  Chaining , Session Tracking & Management & is used as a controller so as to handle Http request & response. 
  • Cookies , Transferring Request , Accessing Web Context , Passing INIT and CONTEXT  Parameter , Sharing information using scope object , Controlling concurrent access User Authentication ,complex code & programming problems .web projects help.
  • Servlet Life Cycle, Http protocol, Servlet Configuration, Servlet Context, Request Dispatcher, Servlet Filters, Cookies, Servlet Concurrency ,javax.servlet.Servlet; , socket communication with database, applets and other software 

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Java Servlets homework help :
  • Http Protocol ,web technologies ,Servlet, advantages of Servlets Technology ,application Server and Web Server ,Servlets lifecycle – interactions of servlets with Web containers ,interfaces and classes in Servlet package
  • interfaces and classes in HTTP Servlet package ,Cookies and Session tracking using Servlets ,MVC Architecture ,Servlets and JSP ,Java Beans and JSP
  • Web based technologies ,Filtering Request and Response , Programming Filter , Filter Mapping , Listeners ,data, and manipulate response headers ,Java servlet life-cycle and configuring Java servlets ,session management ,Model 2 architecture for Web applications ,Handling HTTP errors and Java servlet exceptions
  • web applications, CGI, and the role of Java ,three-tier architecture ,code tutors ,Servlet web based programming.
A java Servlet is a distinctive java class so as to extend the abstract class HTTP Servlet. The HTTP Servlet class extends another abstract class called Generic servlets and the Generic Servlet class implements three interfaces-javax.servlet.Servlet, javax.servlet.ServletConfig, and java.io.Serializable
Advantages of java servlets include Portability , Open source , Convenience , Functionality , Efficiency , Security
Servlet life cycle include :
a)  Init ()
b) service ()
c) Destroy (). 
Web servers Java server-side programming language

CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

Session Tracking Servlet Filter CRUD  Pagination
HTTP Active Server Pages (ASP)
Apache Tomcat Server
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