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JSP Assignment: 

JSP stands for java server pages. A Java server page is a proficient technology in JAVA as it helps in creating dynamic web pages. It controls a web page display in a way that it controls the content appearing on a web page through servlets which modifies it before sending to the user requesting this web page. It is also defined as a servlet API as it calls a program for execution by a web server. A JSP page is a type of text doc which contains two type of text:

  • Static data: it is text based format viz. SVG, WML, XML etc.
  • JSP elements: it is used to create dynamic content. It can be expressed in two syntaxes namely standard and XML.

JSP suffix is used when an HTML file containing a link to java servlet is saved. JSP is an extension to servlet and easy to maintain. It also requires less code than servlet. Other extension used for JSP fragment is .jspf 

Our JSP Assignment help tutors :

JSP is Java Server Pages. A server side programming language is JSP. It creates dynamic web pages. It performs platform independent operations. JSP can access entire Java API and JDBC API. JSP component is a Java Servlet. It can perform user interface operations. JSP can work with HTML code, XHTML code, XML element and commands. Java server page operations are performed by using common gateway interface. Performance of JSP is better than all other programming languages. Java Server pages are used for business applications. PSP can create active server pages. It is used to make database connections and form creation. JSP can perform image processing with java script.

JSP uses java software development kit for their operation. Java Server page contain four types of elements. They are directives, statements, scriptlets and expressions. Directive includes the information about the web pages. Statement is used to declare method and attributes. Java code translation is performed by using scriptlets. Expressions send strings to the browser. Java Server pages create text based documents. It can easily access server side objects. Life cycles of Java Server pages includes translation and compilation of web pages, class loading operations, instantiation operation, initialization operation, request processing of data and destroy.

Java Server pages act as an interface between the Servlet and HTTPJSPPage. Java server page provides higher level of security and scalability. Java server page contains client server architecture, two tier architecture, three tier architecture and N tier architecture. JSP can reuse their codes. Java server page supports multithreading concept.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Life Cycle of JSP (Translation, compilation) ,Basic JSP Architecture,File upload and download, Security configurations.
  • JSP Tags and Expressions, Custom tags, Custom tags work, Create custom tag, Java standard tag library, Use of jstl application.

Role of JSP in MVC-2 ,JSP with Database

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Help for complex topics like:

  • JSP Implicit Objects ,Tag Libraries ,JSP Expression Language (EL).
  • Using Custom Tag , JSP Capabilities: Exception Handling.
  • Session Management ,Directives, Jsp syntex basics, Java beans and jsp, Servlets listners.

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JSP with Java Bean , Mvc architecture, Jsp architecture: 

  • Servlet model, Thread-safe servlets, Servlets using session management, Servlets to handle server-side exceptions, Java server pages (jsp) technology model, Jsp pages using javabean components, Jsp pages using custom tags, Servlet Config & Context:Servlet Config and Servlet Context Theory.
  • Custom tag library, The structure and deployment of modern servlet web applications, Enterprise java beans, Http protocol, Advantage of servlets technologies, Difference between application server and web server, Servlets filtering, Request Dispatcher Forward & Include Servlet Config.
  • Servlets lifecycle-interactions of servelets with web container, Different interfaces and classes in servlet package, Different interfaces and classes in http servlet package, Cookies and session tracking using servlets,, Compare between servlets and jsp, Servlet & HTTP Servlet Theory,Lifecycle of Servlet.
  • Session Tracking: Session Tracking Techniques, Session Tracking Servlet, Login App Using Cookies for Session Management, HTTP Session for Session Tracking, Session Tracking Hidden form Field, Session Tracking Using URL Rewriting, Sending Back HTML Response, Servlet Request and Post Request.
  • JSP Scripting Elements:JSP Scripting Elements, JSP Implicit Objects, JSP Implicit Objects, Response Implicit Objects, Implicit Object Config, Application Implicit Object, Implicit Object Session, Page Context, Page and Exception Implicit Object, Servlet Config and Servlet Context Examples, Attribute in Servlet.
  • JSP & Page Directive:JSP Directive & Page Directive Theory, Page Directive Example, JSP Taglib & Include Directive, JSP Action Tags, JSP Forward, Param & Include Action Tag:JSP Action Tag Usebean, JSP MVC,Quoting and Escape Characters,Implicit Objects,JSP in XML Syntax,XML rules.
  • Javabeans,Custom tags,JSP Fragments,Expression Language,JSP Life Cycle,Servlets and JSP,JSP Syntax and Semantics,Elements and Template Data,Two types of syntax,Scripting Elements,Directives,JSP Configuration,Standard JSP Actions,White Space Preservation,Attributes, Tomat Setup and Create Web App.
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