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Topics for Manufacturing Engineering and Technology help topics include :
  • Manufacturing processes and automation:, Conventional robotics, Cnc, Non-traditional, Automation and robotics., Quality systems and management, Application of statistics to the management of quality., Modern materials and materials processing:, Properties, Molding, Machining and joining, Design and manufacturing, Process planning cad/cam, Design for manufacturing,
  • Polymer processing, Injection molding, Thermoforming casting, Cutting I tools and fixtures, Cutting ii machine tools/fixtures precision engineering, Joining I assembly, Joining ii dfa, Mems, Micro/nano manufacturing, Metal forming, Manufacturing cost, Quality/control,Manufacturing systems, Metal casting, Plant tour, Environment issues in manufacturing, Advances in manufacturing, Manufacturing systems, Probability, Covariance, Queueing, M/m/1 queue, Inventory, Optimization, Statistics, Useful distributions, Regression,
  • Forecasting, Time series with acf and ccf, Single-part-type, Multiple stage systems, Single-stage, Multiple-part-type systems,Material requirements planning, Multi-stage control and scheduling, Simulation, Monte carlo notes, Reliability (xls), Sales incentive (xls), Simulation data (xls), Toyota production system, Quality/quantity

 Help for complex topics like :

  • Engineering materials with focus of basic properties , Casting processes, Sand casting, Shell mold casting, Die casting , Investment casting, Forming processes, Hot forging, Cold forging,Rolling, Extrusion, Bending, Deep drawing, Wire drawing , Spinning, Shearing operations ,,Blanking , Fine blanking, Metal cutting methods , Turning, Milling grinding, Threading , Drilling, Non-mechanical material removal operations,
  • Chemical machining, Electrochemical machining, Erosive machining, Laser machining, Ultrasound machining, Joining processes , Metallurgy, Weldability,Welding methods,,Architectural industrial design, Digital design, Automated fabrication, Bim, Cad/cam, Digital modeling, Folding, Interoperability, Kirigami, Laser cutting, Morphogenesis, Origami, Structural plane plates, Tessellation, Waffling, Zero defects manufacturing,Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (gd&t),Tolerance analysis for fabrication,Fundamentals of manufacturing processes,Metal cutting,Welding,Joining,Casting,Molding and layered manufacturing,
  • Mechanical properties of engineering materials,Metal casting,Forging,Wire drawing,Extrusion,Rolling,Sheet metal shearing,Bending,Deep drawing,Manufacturing with polymers and composites,Powder metallurgy,Material removal basics,Tool wear and tool life,Cutting tool materials,Turning, milling, and drilling,Grinding,Non-traditional material removal processes,Rapid prototyping,Soldering,Microelectronic component manufacturing,
  • Additive Manufacturing (AM): . Different AM processes, namely Extrusion Based, Vat Photopolymerization, Powder Bed Fusion and Binder Jetting. Cost Estimation for AM.,Casting processes.
  • Fundamentals of metal casting; Processes and equipment; Design, materials and economics.,Polymer processing: ,Introduction to polymers: Classification of polymers; thermoplastics and thermoset polymers; Main applications. Injection moulding processes: Principles and applications.
  • Process parameters, injection cycle, main defects and troubleshooting.,Metal forming processes: Introduction to metal forming; study of metal extrusion and of deep drawing; applications; equipment; characteristics; forces; process defects; simple calculations.,Joining processes: Welding processes. Principles and applications,Powder metallurgy,joining and assembly,grinding,water jet cutting,laser-based manufacturing


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