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Mechanical Engineering deals with the design, manufacture and the uses of machines. Our experts help with Autonomous systems, control systems, Mechanics, Robotics, Acoustics, production planning, Structural analysis ,steam and gas turbines, internal combustion engines and other generating machines.

Mechanical science include thermodynamics, dynamics, heat, energy and power and properties of materials.  Industrial engineering is related to operations research and applied statistics. Applications of industrial engineering are related to the management and optimization. Various applications of industrial engineering are risk management, product development, supply chain, maintenance management, etc. 

  • Machine Design Part, Engineering Mechanics, Robotics: Aerial Robotics, The Finite Element Method for Problems in Physics, Thermodynamics, Wind Energy, Acoustics, Power Electronics
  • Mechanics of Materials : Fundamentals of Stress & Strain and Axial Loading,Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review,Materials Science,Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society, Fundamentals of Fluid Power
  • Robotics: Perception,Robotics: Estimation and Learning, 3D Printing Revolution, Applications in Engineering Mechanics,Calculus: Single Variable Part 2 - Differentiation, Material Behavior, Digital Manufacturing & Design, Power Electronics, 3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology, Engineering Systems in Motion

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Homework help for :

  • Mechatronics, Stress analysis, Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Technical presentation, Management and business for engineers, Dynamics, Heat transfer, Machine system dynamics, energy, Design make and test project,
  • Literature research project, Computational continuum mechanics, Embedded C for microcontrollers, Finite element analysis and applications, fracture mechanics, Nuclear energy, Statistics, Structure,
  • properties and applications of polymers,Tribology,Design-led innovation and new venture creation,Manufacturing technology and management,System design and optimization, Business and market
  • Mechanical research project, Aircraft engine technology, Polymer processing technology, Vehicle propulsion technology, Advanced forming and fracture, Advanced control, Advanced Modelling & Simulation
  • Legal Issues, Composites and Polymersal, Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Machining Technology, Additive Manufacturing & 3D Product Modelling, Acoustics ,Advanced vibration engineering
  • Mechanical transmissions, Combustion, Computational fluid dynamics, Design,art and creativity, Interfacing and data processing, Human-centred design of assistive and rehabilitation devices, Sustainable electrical systems
  • Modelling and control of multibody mechanical systems, Transport processes in biological systems, Advanced biomaterials,Nanomaterials,Nuclear materials,Nuclear thermal hydraulics,Nuclear reactor physics
  • Strength & Deformation ,Fluid Mechanics ,Dynamics ,Fluid and Thermal Energy Science ,Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations ,Linear Algebra with Applications , Solid Mechanics & Materials Science , Fluid Mechanics & Energy Conversion , Mechanical Design

Topics Help For Mechanical Engineering homework help :

  • Calculus, Composition and Communication, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering Graphics, Engineering, Mechanics of Deformable Solids, Dynamics Electrical Circuits and Electronics, Mechanical Design
  • Elements of Heat Transfer, Mechanical Systems, ME Capstone Design, Design of Control Systems, Mechanical Design with Finite Element Methods, Structures, Fluid Mechanics for Aerospace and Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Energy Supply & Circuits, Aerospace and Mechanical Thermodynamics, Manufacturing Engineering,Applied Thermodynamics, Numerical Methods & Computing, Data Acquisition & Experimental Methods
  • Control Engineering, Operations Management, Engineering Thermodynamics,Engineering Mechanics , Engineering Mathematics, Mechanics Of Solids and Fluids , Fluids  , Mechanical System Analysis And Design 
  • Web Technology , Mechanical Engineering Drawing, Design Innovation And Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Design And Manufacturing Of Composites, Lubrication ,Machine Element Design 
  • Control Theory And Applications , Production Management, Kinematics And Dynamics Of Machines, Casting,Welding And Forming, Machining, Machine-Tools And Metrology, Energy Conversion 
  • Heat And Mass Transfe, CNC Machines And Programming, Communication Technologies , Microprocessor Micro-And Nano- Manufacturing, Design For Manufacturing And Assembly
  • Geometric Modelling For Manufacturing, Injection Moulding And Mould Design, Mechanical Engineering, Fuels, Combustion And Pollution Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Internal Combustion Engines Turbo-Machinery Vibrations Engineering Design Robotics Engineering , Piano Mechanism

Help for complex topics like :

  • Low Cost Automation , Gas Dynamics And Propulsion , Power Plant Technologies , Mechanical Design Of The Primary Reformer, Primary Reformer Main Layout, Primary Reformer Mechanical Design ,
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems , Modelling And Experiments In Heat Transfer, Noise Engineering, Industrial Production And Quality Assurance, Electricity, Magnetism, & Fluids, Statics Laboratory, Statics,
  • Waves, Optics, & Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Materials Laboratory, Measurement Systems Laboratory, Measurement Systems, Machine Design, Automatic Control Laboratory, Finite Element Modeling,
  • Design and Analysis, Heat Transfer Laboratory, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mechanism synthesis, Engineering mechanics ii, Statics and strength of materials, Solids, Design projects laboratory,
  • Manufacturing systems, Computational methods for engineers, Motorsports engineering clinic,Mechanical behavior and strengthening of solids, Measurements and instrumentation, Automotive power plants,
  • Road vehicle dynamics, Heat convection and compact heat exchanger design, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Thermal/fluids design, Machine analysis and design, Machine analysis and design, 
  • Finite element analysis, Automotive powertrain laboratory, Senior design Numerical control of manufacturing processes, Metrology and statistical process control, Motorsports engineering, Energy engineering,
  • Undergraduate research, Intermediate fluid mechanics and vehicle aerodynamics, Energy conversion,robotics, Discrete mechanical vibrating systems, Intermediate dynamics, Biotechnology and bioengineering,
  • Heat transfer and fluid flow, Vibrations of continuous systems,Theory of elasticity,  Mechanical behavior of materials, Engineering metrology, Computational fluid dynamics, Transport processes, continua,
  • Fabrication of nanomaterials, Finite element analysis and applications, Advanced conductive heat transfer, Advanced engineering thermodynamics, Radiative heat transfer,Dynamics and thermodynamics of compressible flow

Mechanical Engineering

  • Advanced fluid mechanics, Convective heat transfer, Thermal environmental engineering, Thermal applications in biomedical engineering, Bearing design and lubrication, Mechanism analysis, Mechanical design,
  • Computer-aided manufacturing, Control of robotic manipulators, Structural dynamics of production machinery, Inelastic behavior of materials, Advanced topics in dynamics, Experimental stress analysis,
  • Atomic processes in solids, Diffraction/spectroscopic studies of matter,Diffraction and nde methods in materials science,fracture of materials, Mechanical behavior of materials, Computational methods in engineering,
  • Machine tool metrology, Design of precision machines Theory and application of computer-aided tolerancing, Computer-aided process planning, Advanced coordinate metrology, Advanced surface metrology, Tribology,
  • Advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, Individual study and projects, Advanced topics in precision engineering, Fundamentals of heat transfer and fluid flow,automatic controls, Mechanical Behavior of Materials,
  • Design of Precision Machines and Instruments,statics,  mechanics of solids, Thin-walled spherical and cylindrical shells subject to internal pressure, Moments of area, Theories of Torsion for circular shafts,
  • Theories of bending for symmetric beams, Statically indeterminate beams,Mechanical Design,Engineering Dynamics,Engineering Challenges,Mathematical Modelling and Analysis,Control and Instrumentation,
  • Engineering Materials: Failure and Design,Intermediate Thermodynamics,Fluid Mechanics,Manufacturing and Design,Mechanics of Solids and Structures,Advanced Thermodynamics,
  • Dynamics and Control,Elasticity and Plasticity,Mechanical Individual Project,Project Management,Techniques of engineering mechanics ,Thermofluid sciences,control volume and control mass,mass,
  • momentum and energy balance , isothermal and non-isothermal systems,first law of Thermodynamics,graphical engineering communication,product design,drafting, sketching, and CAD transitioning techniques,
  • manufacturing processes,analog electronic circuit analysis,fundamentals of digital data acquisition,measurements of pressure,temperature,flow rate,heat transfer, static forces ,statistical date analysis

Few Topics are:

  • structural analysis
  • mechanism design
  • fluid flows
  • thermal systems
  • candidate designs analysis
  • prototype construction and testing



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