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Mechanics of Solids Assignment help

We at provide Mechanics of Solids Assignment help & Mechanics of Solids Homework help. Our Mechanics of Solids Online tutors are available for instant help for Mechanics of Solids assignments & problems.

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Our Mechanics of Solids Assignment help tutors have years of experience in handling complex queries related to various complex topics like Torsional , theory of solid mechanics ,Large deformations , Behavior of elasticvisco elastic and plastic solids , Linear theory of elasticity and thermoelasticity , Wave propagation in solids.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Flexural loads, Singly and in combination, statistic, Equilibrium of force system, Coordinates systems , Transform of coordinates, matric representation, Force action, Composition and decomposition of force, Resultant force, resultant moment of forces, Friction, Rolling friction, Drag forces in air and liquids, Trusses and cables, Matlab solution of selected problems, Kinematics of a particle, Velocity and acceleration
  • Rectilinear motion, curvilinear motion, Rectilinear motion, Circular motion , vector representation, curvilinear motion, Composed motion, Rigid body plane motion , basic decomposition, Corrioliss acceleration, analytical description of the plane motion, Vector equations of plane motion, Examples of plane curves, Curvature of plane curves, Center of curvature
  • Sperical motion, Screw motion, General motion of rigid body, Eulers angles, system of particles, Collision of bodies, center of mass, Conservation of momentum, Rigid body, center of gravity, Mass moments of inertia, Stability of bodies, Evaluation of the mass moments of inertia, Transform of momentum of mass inertia , Parallel axis theorem, Centroidal mass moments of inertia, Equation of motion of rigid body , Plane motion, Spatial motion, Mechanical vibrations, Simple harmonic motion, Examples of harmonic motion
  • Mechanical vibration with damping , Main damping mechanisms, Nonlinear vibration, anharmonic motion, Forced mechanical vibrations, Resonance, Kinematical excitation, Fouriers representation of disturbing function, Resonance and its meaning, Damage of humen organism as a consequence of cars vibration, expectations and requirements, Bending
  • Simple and unsymmetric bending, Composite section, Curved beam, Transverse Shear, Shear stress, flow and centre, Torsion, angle of twist, combined loads, Elastic Stability, Axial, lateral and torsional, Energy Methods, Internal strain energy, external work, Conservation of energy, Principle of virtual work, Castiglianos theorem, Failure theories and criterion, Inelastic axial, bending, torsional deformation, Fatigue and fracture

Stress-strain relationships , Material property 

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Shear and moment diagrams ,Mohr’s circle
  • Applications include beams
  • Columns ,Connections

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Indeterminate cases

Mechanics of Solids
  • Analysis of stress in 3D, transformations, principal stresses, maximum shear stress, Elasticity, Cartesian and cylindrical co-ordinates, Plasticity, criteria of yield failure under multi-axial stress, Stress Concentrations, methods of 2D analyses, plates with circular and elliptic holes, beams or shafts with notches and grooves, Linear elastic fracture mechanics, energy release rate, fracture toughness, stress intensity factor, modes of crack displacement, J-integral., Contact stresses
  • Hertz solution, fatigue failure due to rolling contact, contact with friction, Castigliano's method , deformation and stresses in simple, statically determinate , indeterminate structures, Stress and Strain , Constitutive Equations , Failure Criteria , Bending of Beams , Torsion of Prismatic Bars , Energy Methods , Buckling and Instability , Stress and Strain , Mechanical Properties of Materials , Axial Load , Torsion , Shear Force and Bending Moments , Beam Bending and Shear , Analysis of Stress, Strain and Transformation , Plane Stress, Strain and Combined Loading , Beam Deflection , Buckling of Columns
  • Mechanical behavior of solid bodies, stresses and strain, stress-strain relationships, plane stress and plane strain, shear and bending moments in beams, stresses in beams, deflection of beams, torsion of shafts
  • buckling of columns, energy methods, failure criteria, Analysis of structures to determine stresses, strains, and deformations
  • Complex 2D frame system, 3D frame systems , thermal loading, plastic theory, shear stress theory , moment area method, principles of simple beam theory, Theory of Elasticity, stress state , strain state , principles of material failure criteria, computational
  • Stress on a section,concept of stress-strain relationship,Hooke's Law,Torsion of shafts and hollow sections,Problems in bending and stress of beams,plane stress and plane strain,combined stresses,Elasticity and plasticity for metals,inelastic behaviour of non metals,Failure theories,Beam deflections,simple column buckling,Thermal stresses and strain energy concept,Experimental techniques,Engineering Mechanics(Statics), Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Materials


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