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Process of Transferring the microcontroller program from compiler to memory is known as microcontroller programming. Compiler is used to debug, write and test a program of microcontroller. The programs of microcontroller are written in C and assembly language.

After that, compiler creates a hex file which has machine language instruction and then it transferred to the microcontroller memory. Programs of microcontroller are loaded in flash memory. In microcontroller programming, firstly, we need to write a program code on our system then compile it for the microcontroller. Microcontroller programming's main elements are Assembly language,Interpreters,Compilers.

Programs of microcontroller can be written in assembly language. Assembly language converts a program in understandable language. It is human readable form of machine language. Machine language also known as assembly language. Interpreter is a translator that converts high level program into machine level program. BASIC and FORTH are the popular interpreters of microcontroller. FORTH is difficult to write and read. BASIC is simple interpreter while FORTH is fast interpreter. Compiler is also a translator that translates source code language into computer language. C and BASIC are the most popular compilers of microcontroller.

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  • 8085 microprocessor IC pin outs ,absolute and partial Mapping techniques – I / O mapped 
  • signals, address, data and control ,I ,O and memory mapped I / O ,Serial I/O lines of 8085
  • Interrupt system of 8085 ,Stack and subroutine ,Types of memory and memory interfacing ,Decoding techniques

Implementation asynchronous serial data communication using SOD and SID,Programming with 8085,buses,8085 features 

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  • Conditional call and return instructions ,operations related programs ,Debugging programs ,Study and Interfacing of peripherals 8155, 06 ,8255, 8253/8254, 8259 with 8085 ,Basics of 8051: 08
  • Comparison of microprocessor and microcontroller,Architecture and pin functions of 8051 chip controller,CPU timing and machine cycles,Internal memory organization,Program counter and stack
  • Input/output ports,Counters and timers,Serial data input and output Interrupts.Power saving modes ,Programming with 8051:Instruction set, addressing modes,immediate
  • registers, direct and indirect data movement and exchange instructions,push and pop op-codes,arithmetic and logic instructions,bit level operations,jump and call instructions
  • input/ output port programming,programming timers,asynchronous serial data communications, and hardware interrupt service routines.Interfacing of LCD display
  • hex keyboard,ADC0808, DAC0808 and Stepper motor with 8051 Current trends in microprocessors and practical implementation ,ARM Processor ,ARM family architecture
  • Register architecture,Memory Access and addressing modes,Arithmetic and Logical Instructions,Branching Instructions ,Comparative study of salient features of 8051,and its derivatives like 89C51, 89C52, 89C2051,AND 89C2052. Current processor and controller

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  • Basic instruction set,Timing states, machine cycles and instruction cycles ,Instruction Timing diagram and ,interrupt process and timing diagram,survey. (cost, availability, popularity ) 

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  • Embedded Computing, Microcontroller systems, Low-level C programming techniques, Memory mapped I/O, Polling, Handshaking, Interrupts and DMA, Timers
  • External interfacing, Applications, Microcontroller Organization and Architecture, Data Representation and Memory Usage, Operating Systems, Problem Solving and Algorithm Development
  • Assembling/Compiling and Execution, Assembly and C Programming, Analysis of timing and memory requirements, mechatronic applications, design appropriate micro-controller based solutions
  • hardware units within a modern micro-controller,software tools available for the design and testing of micro-controller based applications, software development process
  • interface external devices to a micro-controller, need to undertake lifelong learning
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