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Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio can be defined as an advanced diagramming tool that helps to create infrastructure diagrams of computer network, floor-plans & other types of drawings as well as charts. It supports three editions: Standard, Professional and Premium. It provides what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) environment that helps for creating diagrams as well as drawings.

Microsoft Visio deals with various functionalities such as Auto Connect functionality, business process diagrams, ability to import DWG files into Visio, easy shape customization, easy diagram sharing through a web browser, brainstorming diagrams, shape effect options such as shadow, bevel, glow, etc, contextual right-click menus, link diagram shapes to data, context-sensitive and task-specific templates, no-code dashboards & easy-to-apply themes for creating modern diagrams rapidly.

dynamic connectors, line curve connectors, straight line connectors etc. Microsoft Visio involves block diagrams and various business templates i.e marketing, brainstorming and organization charts. instant messaging tool , audio video calling .

MS Visio is used to create Audit Diagram & Block Diagram, Flow Charts, Customized diagrams, Data Flow diagram & Network Diagram, Rack Diagram & Audit Diagram, Office Layout, Organization Chart.

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Our MS Visio Assignment help tutors help with topics like search functions ,applications, Visio elements, interface elements, shapes, text usage, borders, titles, diagram creation, flowchart, organizational chart, enhancing appearance, information sources ,user templates , demonstrate a Visio project , Flow Chart of a process you can diagram. .

Visio Diagrams & MS Visio homework help include:

  • Working with 1-D and 2-D shapes , Moving, sizing, rotating, and copying objects Inserting pictures into diagrams
  • Formatting individual shapes Project on MS Visio , Applying themes to entire diagrams , Connecting shapes in flowcharts
  • Importing objects into Visio , Position data shapes Linking data automatically Creating a project


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Help for complex MS Visio topics like:

Organizational Chart of your department or an organization.  chart should be at least four levels deep and appropriately labeled. Use the Organization Chart Shapes template, US Units.

Network Diagram of a network that you use at work, at home, or at the lab.  From the Network Category use the Network and Peripheralstemplate, US Units.  Use at least six different shapes. Appropriately label your network devices. 

Get instant help for MS Visio Reports , case studies & dissertation

Help for Advanced MS Visio topics:

  • Technical Layouts, Layers, Shape Placement , Drawing Scale,  Building Plan Layouts , Drawing with Precision , Perspective , Advanced Diagrams , work flow diagrams, Fishbone (Cause and Effect) diagrams, Calendars.
  • Gantt and PERT charts , maps , route directions , Diagramming and Data , Shape Data , Custom Properties , Property Reports , Importing and Exporting Data , Data Sources , Database Wizard , Advanced Custom Shape Design.
  • Locking and Protecting Shapes, Custom Stencils, Adding Shapes to the Stencil
  • Visio Drawing Window,Toolbars, Templates, Stencils and Shapes,Changing View Settings,Drawing Tools,Creating New Drawings,Drawing Closed Shapes, Drawing Open Shapes, Using the Freeform tool, Drawing Compound Lines.
  • Finding Stencils and Shapes, Creating Basic Diagrams, Selection Techniques, Connecting Shapes, Moving and Deleting Shapes, Aligning Shapes, Distributing Shapes, Rotating Shapes, Grouping Shapes, Formatting Shapes.
  • Shape formatting, Adding Text to Shapes,Formatting Text , Duplicating Shapes, Scaling and resizing Shapes, Using Themes , Working with Pages, Inserting, Naming and Deleting Pages, Page and Printer Setup, Creating Background Pages.
  • Inserting Headers and Footers, Building Diagrams, Creating Organisation Charts, Adding Multiple Shapes, Modifying Chart Layouts, Creating a Flowchart, Creating a Brainstorming Diagram, Using the Brainstorming Outline Window.



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