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Molecular biology is the study of molecules at a biological level. Molecular biology is a branch of science that concern with the biological study of molecules. Molecular biology overrun with chemistry, genetics, biochemistry and biology. Molecular biology studies the functions and gene structure to explain the base of hereditary, patterns and genetic variation of genes. Molecular biology also examines the flow of instruction against DNA to RNA to protein. Molecular biology reviews the molecular mechanisms afterwards the processes like translation, replication, cell function and transcription. It also concerns with the how gene translated into RNA and then how the RNA transcribed into protein. DNA molecules termed as template for the equivalent strands of DNA during the activity of complementry or replication. RNA molecules are termed as the arrangement for ordering amino acids by ribosomes meanwhile protein synthesis. Molecule biology have a wide range of applications such as disease treatment and prevention, control of animals and plants for the aspired phenotypic traits and the generation of proteins. Molecular components builds biochemical pathways which provides cells with energy.

Molecular Biology Coursework help , Help with Molecular Biology Assignments

  • Mendel To The Genetic Code.
  • Genetic Systems Of Bacteria And Their Viruses
  • Structure And Replication Of Dna
  • Recombination, Mutations, And Repair Of Dna
  • Transfer Of Information From Dna To Rna To Protein
  • Regulation Of Gene Function In Bacterial Cells
  • Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
  • Recombinant Dna Technology
  • Molecular Biology Of Cancer
  • Applying Dna Science To Human Genetics
  • Applying Dna Science To Agriculture, Medicine, And Industry 
Introduction to Molecular Biology Techniques: Plant Transformation
  • Includes Agro-bacterium 
  • particle gun mediated transformation of tobacco
  • Arabidopsis
  • maize
  • analysis of tranformation

Few Topics are:

  • structure of nucleic acids
  • translation, transcription
  • replication
  • organization of DNA
  • RNA processing
  • genomics
  • control of gene expression


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