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It helps in developing arrangements , assigning assets to undertakings , tracking advancement , managing spending plans , analyzing workloads to venture directors. 

MS Project steps include Define an undertaking , Plan venture exercises , Plan for a secure assets , Plan undertaking expenses , Plan for quality and dangers , Plan correspondence and security , Optimize an undertaking arrangement , Print and appropriate undertaking data

Undertaking guide frames with three stages:- Build an arrangement ,Track and deal with an undertaking ,Close an undertaking .Microsoft Project has a few likenesses to Excel.

MS project (Microsoft Project) is a project management software program. It is design to assist project manager include developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets, analyzing workloads.

MS project tools-
TRACK includes task duration, and resource requirements information.
VISUSALIZE includes standard, and well-defined formats in our project.
SCHEDULE include consistance and effective resource.
EXCHANGE include information about networks and the internet standards.
COMMUNICATE includes stakeholders and resources to control over the projects.

MS project build a plan activities-
1- Define the whole project.
2- Planning on project activities.
3- Planning on the procedure of procure resources.
4- Planning in quality assurance and their security.
5- Planning for communication and security.
6- Optimizing the data in project plan.
7- Printed and distributed the data in project information.

Managing the MS project activities as follows-
(a). Track Progress.
(b). Manage Schedule.
(c). Manage Resource.
(d). Manage Cost.
(e). Manage Risk.

=> Microsoft office project server.
=> Microsoft project web access.

We can save a lot of time during men power and money. This is a software done more efficiently and accurately managed.It should
progressing the report on MS project and also manage their cost and effective project server.

MS Project Homework help include:

  • Microsoft Project basics ,Gantt chart view & components ,defining the project, project information new project, Project Information window,Map, MS Tutorial.
  • Modern Project Management ,Organization Strategy and Project Selection ,Organization: Structure and Culture ,Estimating Project Times and Costs ,Project Plan ,Managing Risk ,Scheduling Resources ,Reducing Project Duration ,
  • Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager ,Managing Project Teams ,Partnering: Managing Interorganizational Relations ,Progress and Performance Measurement ,Project Audit and Closure.

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Generating and Customizing a Visual Report and Basic Report, Exporting Data to Excel , PDF or XPS File , customizing project, Creating Custom Fields ,Views project options, General Project Options , User Interface Options , Project View, Display Options , Calendar , Currency Options ,
  • Show Indicators and Options Buttons For, Show These Elements , Schedule Options , Calendar Options, Schedule , Scheduling Options, Schedule Alerts Options Calculation, Calculation Options, Proofing Options , AutoCorrect Options, Cache
  • Project Web App , Planning Wizard , Cross Project Linking Options, Earned Value Options , Calculation Options, Customize Ribbon Option, Quick Access Toolbar , Add-Ins Options ,
  • Trust Center Options, project plan,  resources, Manage project costs, Track progress, Produce reports, budget, schedules, Allocating resources, Tracking project progress, resource over-allocations, MS Project interface, simple macros, Exchange project plan data, custom reports, Import data

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Page Setup, Printing,report generator,Project Summary Report,Changing the header information .

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  • Leveling resources, Clearing leveling, Resource Indicator, Leveling Gantt Chart view ,Resource Usage view, viewing slack in a table view, Schedule Table ,Freeing Slack ,Total Slack,  Slack in a Gantt View, contouring resources, contour patterns,
  • Printing project reports, report generator, Project Summary Report, header information ,Team Planner View , Timeline , New Table Customization , SharePoint Collaboration , Ribbon, Timeline , Project Views , Project’s Calendar Scheduling ,
  • Scheduling Method ,Task Calendar , Indenting and Outdenting Tasks , Up Task Dependencies,Work Breakdown Structure, Information Dialog Box,Team Planner View , project costs,
  • Budget Resources, Pairing Resources with Budgets , Actual Cost and Work Values with  Project Budget, Overtime Work and Costs , project progress,  

Complex Topics for MS Project homework help:

  • Calendars ,task Information window,Task duration,  elapsed time,phases
  • Milestone ,recurring task symbol, recurrence pattern,priority levels, adjacent tasks, non-adjacent tasks,menu or toolbar,task linkages, logical sequence,Tasks predecessor , Task resources,Task Types,  hyperlinks,top down method, bottom up method, four linkage types, link symbol,
  • Spotting dangling tasks, simple linkage, FS Link on all Tasks, Spotting linkages on a gantt chart, lag and lead time, resource sheet view,  RATES, Standard Rate Overtime Rate ,Cost/Use, Accrue At value ,Fill-Down, Task Information window, Assign Resources button, Personal Address Book or Global Address List ,Assign Resources window, MPT, boxes, network design view, task linkages ,link line, a SS or FF relationships,
  • Critical path, Critical Path view, Network Diagram view, overallocations,Resource Usage view, Spotting overallocated resources, resource management toolbar, Resource Allocation view, Resource Allocation Graph, Viewing over-allocations, Delaying tasks manually, 
  • Essay writing & Dissertation in MS Project.
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