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  • Multi-core architectures, parallel computational, exception, inherent complexities, parallel systems, Parallel Computing, Multi-core Era , reliability, performance, system management, Parallel Programs, Designing for Parallelism, Research Methods, logics, Orderings
  • Multi-sets, induction, Propositional logic, syntax, semantics, truth tables, decidability, Transformations to normal forms, CNF, NNF, clauses, DPLL and SAT-solving, Propositional resolution, resolution rule, substitutions, backtracking, backjumping, lemma learning
  • Normal forms, Herbrand models, model building, unification algorithm, Parallel Programs and their Performance, Designing for Parallelism and Future Multi-core Computing, Automated Reasoning and Verification, Modelling Data on the Web
  • Parallel Programs,Designing for Parallelism ,Multi-core Computing ,Automated Reasoning and Verification ,Modelling Data on the Web ,Digital Biology principles ,Health Informatics ,Data Engineering ,IT Governance
  • Scalable Algorithms,GPU,CUDA programming,Formal Models,Untimed Petri nets,timed Petri nets,max-plus algebra,timed automata,real-time logics

Help for complex topics like :

  • Principles of Digital Biology, Health Informatics, Data Engineering, IT Governance, Languages, Sequential consistency, Linearizability, openMP & MPI, Consistency condition for concurrent objects, Synchronization: Lock based
  • synchronization, Lock-free synchronization, Wait free synchronization; consensus number, software transactional memory; Testing and Debugging Parallel Programs: Race detection & Global Predicate Detection, Deterministic replay; Concurrent
  • Data Structures: Concurrent stacks, queues, linked lists, hashing & skiplists; Mechanical Analysis of systems: Temporal Logic, Modal checking & reachability analysis; Graph Algorithms, Untimed and timed Petri nets, max-plus algebra, timed automata, real-time logics
  • concurrent languages,inter-process communication,openMP,Java Streams,Consistency condition ,concurrent objects,Sequential consistency,Linearizability,Synchronization,Lock based synchronization,Lock-free synchronization,Wait free synchronization,consensus number,software transactional memory,Testing parallel programs ,Debugging Parallel Programs,Race detection,Deterministic replay,Global Predicate Detection,Concurrent Data Structures,Concurrent stacks,queues,linked lists,hashing,skiplists,Mechanical Analysis of systems,Temporal Logic,Modal checking,reachability analysis,SPIN,Parallel Algorithms,Graph Algorithms,Matrix Algorithms


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