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  • nanomaterials with emphasis on van der Waal's-dispersion forces and repulsive steric forces.
  • The implications of these forces for surface-surface
  • particle-surface and particle-particle interaction
  • wetting and self-assembly/organization will be treated
Nanomaterials & Their Characterisation
  • fabrication
  • structures
  • properties & applications
  • diffraction
  • microscopy
  • spectroscopy
  • Basic principles of synthesis techniques, processing, microstructural control
  • unique physical properties of materials in nanodimensions
  • Nanowires, quantum dots, thin films
  • electrical transport
  • optical behavior, mechanical behavior
  • technical applications of nanomaterials


  • Modern Physics,Atomic Structure,Bonding,Crystal Structure,Characterization of Nanomaterials,Photon,photon out,electron out,Mechanical,Magnetic,Synthesis of Nanomaterials,Lithography,Top-Down,Beam,NanoLithography
  • Scanning Probe,Additive Manufacturing,Vapor Deposition,Nanoparticles,Sol-gel,Magnetic Poster,Charge Transport,Nanotechnology,Nanomaterials,size-dependant phenomena,top-down approaches,Nanomaterial fabrication,bottom-up  approaches,biomedical applications,optical applications,microelectronics applications


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