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K-12 Science can be the most interesting or intimidating subject a student can have, depending on how well it is taught and learned. Our tutors bring to life the various fundamentals in science in an illustrative and informative way that a student can relate to. we can help you learn and like Science better.

  • GRADE-1
  • GRADE-2
  • GRADE-3
  • GRADE-4
  • GRADE-5
  • GRADE-6
  • GRADE-7
  • GRADE-8
  • GRADE-9
  • GRADE-10
  • GRADE-11
  • GRADE-12

Topics in Science

  • Transfer of energy
  • Symbiotic relationships
  • Solar system
  • Plate tectonics
  • Ecosystems
  • Force & motion
  • Rock cycle
  • Fossil records
  • Energy sources

How  do  we  teach  you  Science  ?

Our tutors help you acquire good quantitative and qualitative skills required for understanding science better.Our tutors are adept at teaching mathematical concepts in Physics or Chemistry with simple and illustrative real life examples engaging the student in the learning process.Botany, Zoology and other subjects of Integrated Science are made interesting with pictures and other teaching tools to enable the student grasp and remember easily.


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