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The .com provides the students online help in study of chemistry. The three main area covered in learning of chemistry, these are Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry. The chemistry tutors are available in 24X7 and the students are free to take any help related to study. We provides the problem solving classes and special tests for improving the concepts and ralativity in knowledge. The main power of the chemistry learning is the technique that is given by the experienced experts of theglobaltutors.com. The experts are great knowledge in their field and have proved himself in PHD grade.

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Topics in Chemistry

  • Atomic Masses
  • The Molel
  • Molar Mass
  • Mass Percentage
  • Chemical Equations
  • Acid-Base Reaction
  • The Bohr Model
  • Lewis Structure
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Catalysis


How do we teach you Chemistry?

Teaching Chemistry requires the student to be very attentive as the subject can appear boring. Our tutors use interesting examples and illustrative diagrams that help the student visualize retain his attentiveness while being taught. Whether it is periodic table or the chemical equations, we ensure you get them right.

Ample practice exercises are given by the tutors to ensure the student understands the concepts well. Tutors also give regular assessments end of each topic so that your progress is measured. If required, a revision of the topic is done to reinforce the understanding.

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