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leedssocialclubs.co.uk provides the services of teaching various biology subjects. The experts are available 24X7 for your problems and assignments help. The area of biology is large and it is very difficult to learn all volumes of biology, Our tutors  make it easy to learning and give the concepts which helps you for fighting the standard examination.



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Topics in  Biology

  • Origin of life
  • History of cell
  • Components of cell
  • Cell Theory
  • Modern cell Biology
  • Endoplasmic reticulum
  • Cytoplasm
  • Cell transport
  • Trihybrid cross
  • mitosis and meiosis


How do we teach you Biology?

Teaching Biology requires the tutor to be very illustrative. Our tutors use pictures and illustrative diagrams that help the student visualize the internals of animal and plant kingdom. Be it at a very minute level like the working of cells or the broad level of the ecosystems, we make it simple for you to understand.

Ample practice exercises are given by the tutors to ensure the student understands the concepts well. Tutors also give regular assessments end of each topic so that your progress is measured. If required, a revision of the topic is done to reinforce the understanding.

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