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leedssocialclubs.co.uk  has excellent approch in field of mathematics.The tutors are available 24X7 to help you. The online tutoring with theglobaltutors.com is more effective than standard classrooms. You can find your solutions and doubt without waste your time at home and any place where you want to join our class. The experts prepares not only in direction of learning, but in short tricks and concepts which can help your solution to be easy and less time to make it.

.com.com also help you for solving the homework and assignment of mathematics. We maintain our classrooms with latest technology using whiteboard and you will find just like live classrooms. The communication between the tutor and the student is One-to-One.

Sno.                                     Subject                                   Topic


1                                          Algebra                         comlex number,Quadratic equation,ratio


2.                                         Calculus                         limit and continuity

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