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Operational Research is defined as the scientific approach that helps to make decisions to find solutions for complex situations. Operational Research consists of various solution techniques that allows decision makers to select perfect course of actions to complete the objectives. It utilized various analytical methods to establish effective results. It expands and influences arithmetic processor models of managerial systems.

Operational Research includes various methods such as Markov decision process, neural networks, data analysis, mathematical optimization and simulation. It facilitates to understand the structure intricate situations and improve performance of the system to predict system activities. Operational Research uses analytical and numeric methods to divide the complex problems into smaller sub-problems.

Various techniques and methods include  Optimization , Probability and statistics , Problem structuring , Computer simulation

Our Operational Research Assignment help tutors help with topics like Operations Research:- Uses, Scope and Applications of Operation Research in managerial decision-making.

Operational research is used to choose the best resources, analysis of options, process modeling and business analytics.

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  • Essay writing , Case studies , reports & documentation on various Operational Research topics
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Operations Research homework help for:

  • Decision-making environments:- Decision-making under certainty, uncertainty and risk situations; Decision
  • tree approach and its applications,Algorithm and its applications,Game Theory
  • Concept of game; Two-person zero-sum game; Pure and Mixed Strategy Games; Saddle Point

Generally topics like Linear programming: Mathematical formulations of LP Models for product-mix problems; graphical and simplex method of solving LP problems; sensitivity analysis; duality. are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Transportation problem: Various methods of finding Initial basic feasible solution and optimal solution. & so on.

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Help for complex OR topics like:

  • Assignment model: Odds Method; Dominance Method and Graphical Method for solving Mixed Strategy Game,Sequencing Problem: Johnsons Algorithm for n Jobs and Two machines, n Jobs and Three Machines, Two jobs and m - Machines Problems.
  • Queuing Theory: Characteristics of M/M/I Queue model; Application of Poisson and Exponential distribution in estimating arrival rate and service rate; Applications of Queue model for better service to the customers.
  • Replacement Problem: Replacement of assets that deteriorate with time, replacement of assets which fail suddenly.
  • Project Management: Rules for drawing the network diagram, Applications of CPM and PERT techniques

Operation Research paper writing help & Operation Research assignment writing services are available by online writers for College & University students at Undergraduate , Graduate & the research level .

  • Linear Programming (LP), LP and allocation of resources, LP definition, Linearity requirement ,Maximization Then Minimization problems.
  • Graphical LP Minimization solution, Introduction, Simplex method definition, formulating the Simplex model ,Linear Programming – Simplex Method for Maximizing ,Simplex maximizing example for similar limitations, Mixed limitations
  • Example containing mixed constraints, Minimization example for similar limitations ,Sensitivity Analysis: Changes in Objective Function, Changes in RHS, The Transportation ,Model ,Basic Assumptions.
  • Solution Methods:Feasible Solution: The Northwest Method, The Lowest Cost Method; Optimal Solution: The Stepping Stone Method, Modified; Distribution (MODI) Method.
    The Assignment Model:- Basic Assumptions 
  • Solution Methods:-Different Combinations Method,  Short-Cut Method (Hungarian Method) ,MSPT:- The Dijkestra algorithm, and Floyd’s Algorithm {Shortest Route Algorithm}

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Topics like Project planning and control; Crashing of operations & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.

  • Continuous Optimization, Linear Programming, Nonlinear Programming, Discrete Optimization, Network Flows and Graph Theory, Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization, Stochastic Processes, Simulation of Industrial Management Systems, Applied Stochastic Processes and Theoretical Simulation, Industrial Queuing Processes, Normative Theory of Decisions and Games, Stochastic Calculus Financial Engineering, Methods of Operations Research, Industrial Logistics Engineering, Applied Fuzzy Set Theory
  • Reliability Theory, Scheduling Theory, Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Quantitative Problem Solving Methods, Advanced Production and Inventory Control, Advanced Engineering Economy, Regression and Analysis of Variance, Nonparametric Statistics, Experimental Design for Product Development and Quality Improvement, Operational research, Determination, characterization and possibilities of application, Linear Mathematical programming, Non-linear stochastic and dynamic , Linear programming, Convex programming
  • Quadratic programming Stochastic programming Dynamic programming Renewal theory Recovery of outdating equipment -- deterministic model Recovery of failing products -- stochastic model, Inventory management , Deterministic models of inventory, Stochastic models of inventory, Queueing models , Exponential queueing models, Optimization in the queueing models, Simulation models , Project management , Graphs, CPM and PERT methods, Cost and probability costing, inventory and queuing, project management, simulation and mathematical programming, Linear programming: formulation, solution techniques and post-optimality analysis, linear programming computer programs , Game theory, ARCH 699. Research.
  • Determination, possibilities of application of OR , Mathematical programming, linear, non-linear stochastic, dynamic , Linear programming, Convex programming, Quadratic programming, Stochastic programming, Dynamic programming, Renewal theory, Recovery of outdating equipment, deterministic model, Recovery of failing products, stochastic model, Inventory management
  • Deterministic models of inventory, Stochastic models of inventory, Queueing models , Exponential queueing models, Optimization in the queueing models, Simulation models , CPM , PERT methods, Cost, probability costing, Operations Research , Application, Algorithms , basic linear algebra , LP, Simplex algorithm to LP problems, Sensitivity, duality for LP problems, Transportation problems, Network models, Integer programming , inventory models , Dynamic Programming, Queuing Theory 
  • Dynamic Optimisation,Integer Optimisation  ,Game Theory,branch and bound,Gomory pure integer cuts,Game Theory Optimal strategies, dominated strategies,saddle points,reaction curves and Nash equilibria


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