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Plastic Analysis and Design


An elastic analysis used in study performance of the structure, especially when the working load is very high. In steel structure when the load is increased, some of the sections develops yield stress in the structure. If load is increased then the structure undergoes into elasto-plastic deformations further and some section may develop a fully plastic condition at which a sufficient number of plastic hinges are formed which transforms the structure into a mechanism. The mechanism may collapse without noticeable additional loading. A study of the mechanism of failure and knowledge of the load causing the mechanism is necessary to determine the load factor. A structure is design so that its collapse load is equal to or higher than the working multiplied by the load factor specified.

Plastic analysis is based on the mode of failure. The concept of ductility of structural steel forms the basis for the plastic theory of bending. The rigorous analysis of a structure according to the theory of elasticity demands that the stress satisfy two sets of conditions i.e.the equilibrium conditions and the compatibility conditions. Plastic design is a special case of limit state design, where the limit
state is attained when the members reach plastic moment strength Mp and the structure is transformed into a mechanism. Plastic moment strength refres to the moment strength when all the fibres of the cross section of a member are at yield stress. There are two methods of analysis that is the static method and the kinematic method . Plastic method of analysis, allows to analyse the frame and design it easily. By taking advantages of the ductility of steel, plastic design produces lighter and more slender structural members than similar rigid frames designed by elastic theory.

Plastic Analysis and Design
  • steel structures beyond the elastic limit 
  •  frame types 
  •  comparison of design
  • plastic designs
  • Theory of plasticity applied to structural design
  • Study of methods of predicting strength
  • deformation of single
  • multi-story steel frames in the plastic range
  • Comparison of plastic and prestressed concrete


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