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Our Pre-stressed Concrete Structures Assignment help tutors help with topics like Pre-stressed Concrete Structures ,Structural analysis of prestressed statically determinate structures , Tendon centroid, and Prestressing layouts , Mechanical properties before and after grouting.

Pre-stressed Concrete Structures

Pre-stressed concrete structures refers to a mechanism of manufacturing using high- strength steels where the pre-stressed steels are present inside a duct which is a post-tensioned concrete or it may directly inside the concrete with immediate bonding.It is at risk from hydrogen-induced stress corrosion.Prestressed concrete bridge deck is deteriorate due to  salts which is employed to melt snow and improved bridge vehicular traffic condition.

Pre-stressed on Concrete in which there have been presented interior worries of such greatness and dispersion that the burdens coming about because of given outside loadings are countered to a coveted degree – ACI. Materials for pre-stretch solid individuals: Cement, Concrete, Steel. Kinds of pre-stressed are Pre-tensioning and Post-tensioning (In pre-tensioning the ligaments are tensioned preceding the solid is put. The ligaments are briefly tied down to projections or focusing on beds. At that point the solid part is thrown between and over the wires.

After the solid has accomplished the required quality, the wires are cut from the bulkhead and pre-push is exchanged to the solid part. In post-tensioning the solid part is thrown with channels for the wires. After cement has achieved adequate quality, wires are strung into the pipes, tensioned from both or one end by methods for jack/jacks and at the exact level of pre-push the wires are tied down by methods for wedges to the harbor plates at the finishes), Bonded and Un-fortified ligament (In post-tensioned individuals, the wires are either left allowed to slide in the conduits or the channel is loaded with grout.

In the previous, the ligament is un-fortified and in the last it is reinforced). The most generally utilized strategy for pre-stressing of auxiliary solid components is longitudinal tensioning of steel by various tensioning gadgets. Pre-stressing by the use of direct powers between projections is by and large utilized for curves and asphalts, while level jacks are constantly used to confer the desired powers.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Pre-tensioning, post-tensioning, full and partial prestress, need for prestress, methods of prestressing, Forces imposed by prestressing, kinked tendon profiles, Load balancing, Design requirements, strength and serviceability, Material properties, Design for serviceability, stress limits, serviceability criteria, determination of prestress and eccentricity, cable profiles, cracked section analysis, decompression, cracking moment, effect of cracking at service loads, short-term deflection calculations,Concordant Profiles,  Design approaches for continuous beams, bridges, Strength Calculations, Ultimate strength, modifications to RC theoryh, Shear failure and prevention, Truss analogy , Creep and shrinkage, Loss of prestress, effective modulus method, rate of creep method, Composite construction, construction sequence effects, Creep followed by load to failure, Effects of temperature
  • Crack control, design for strength, limit state design, Rectangular stress block, Ultimate moment capacity, Effect of non-prestressed steel, ductility, transfer strength, design for shear-effect of prestress on shear, stirrup design, losses, effect of creep and shrinkage, end block design-bursting, spalling forces in post anchorages, transmission lengths in pre-tensioned members, Statically indeterminate beams, prestressed concrete beams, secondary moments, Basic Principles, Indeterminate beams, Secondary moments, line of pressure.
  • Ductility, Seismic-proof systems, structural Design, main Structure (seismic-proof), secondary Structure, shear walls, Capacity Design, Short structures,, origins of the Method, Strut & Tie Models, Strut & Tie models, Deterioration and retrofitting of damaged r.c. and pre-stressed r.c. structures,Basic deterioration phenomena for r.c. and pre-stressed r.c. structures, origin of deterioration, criteria for retrofitting damaged r.c. structures, criteria for retrofitting damaged pre-stressed r.c. structures, effectiveness of the retrofitting and its durability, Pretensioning and Post-Tensioning Technology, Response of Members Subjected to Axial Load, Design for Flexur, Design for Torsion, Strut and Tie Model, prestressing systems and technologies, stress distribution in prestressed concrete structures,  prestress losses, flexural and shear behaviour at service and ultimate loads, deflection and crack control, design for serviceability and ultimate limit states, design of prestressed beams and slabs, external prestressing, strengthening with prestressing, durability and maintenance of prestressed concrete structures.

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Methods for the analysis of prestressed statically indeterminate structures ,Primary, secondary and total internal forces due to prestressing Prestressing technology,Anchorage systems, Ducts, Couplers ,Technological requirements for the prestressing layouts ,Threading, prestressing, and grouting ,External prestressing technology,Prestressing losses ,Concept of loss and Classification of losses (initial and long-term losses) ,Frictional losses ,Elastic shortening losses
  • Anchorage drawn-in losses and transmission lengths ,Prestressing strategies ,Prestressing losses due to concrete creep, concrete shrinkage and steel relaxation ,Serviceability limit state,SLS of normal tension stresses (decompression, cracking, and crack opening limit states) ,SLS of normal compression stresses ,SLS deformation, SLS vibration ,Prestressing approaches and classes,Design of prestressed structures ,Central kern Inequality equations for the design of prestressed concrete structures ,Magnel diagrams ,Regions where the centroid of the prestressing layout has to be located Relation between section efficiency and amount of prestressing
  • Internal forces due to the prestressing in a prestressed concrete structure, being able to identify the primary and secondary components of the total internal forces ,Evaluate the initial and time-dependent losses ,appropriate system to prestress a particular structure , prestressing layout and the prestressing force that fulfils the relevant limit states,Prestressed concrete structures ,Fundamental principles of prestressing;materials and systems for prestressed concrete; loss of  prestress;design of simple and composite beams; secondary moment; concordant cable; linear transformation;
  • Prestressing Methods,Prestressing Systems,Principles,Materials for Prestressing,Prestress Losses,Effect of Friction,Relaxation,Creep and Shrinkage,Specifications and Practical Design Solutions,Basic Principles for Flexural Design,Service Load Design,Modules  ,Load-Balancing Method,prestressing,Different types of prestressing,Prestressing by tendons,Structural analysis,Tendon centroid,Prestressing layouts,Methods,Prestressing technology,technologies for prestressing,Mechanical properties of steel products,Prestessing layout,Intrprestressing elements,prestressing technology,Initial Prestressing losses,Prestressing strategies,Prestressing approaches,Design of prestressed structures

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Few Topics Covered by Online Pre-stressed Concrete Structures Experts :

  • Specific implications for ultimate limit states ,Anchorage zones,Prestressed concrete slabs,design and construction of concrete bridges.,,Concept of prestressing. Historical approach,Different types of prestressing,Prestressing by tendons,Prestressing types according to the moment in which the prestressing is applied, location of the tendons in relation to the concrete section,Prestressed tie (including examples),Structural analysis of prestressed statically determinate structures,
  • Anchorage and deviating forces introduced by the tendons,Internal forces due to prestressing in statically determinate structures,Strains due to prestressing,Prestressing of in-situ concrete beams (post-tension),Tendon centroid ,Prestressing of precast concrete beams (pre-tension).,Prestressing layouts,Mechanical properties before and after grouting,Self-weight during prestressing in post-tensioned structures,Lateral bending during prestressing in post-tensioned structure,
  • Methods for the analysis of prestressed statically indeterminate structures,Static internal forces due to prestressing; ,Secondary internal forces due to prestressing; ,Total internal forces due to prestressing,Prestressing technology,Steel products and technologies for prestressing (strands, tendons, bars),Mechanical properties of steel products,Anchorage systems. Types,Ducts,Couplers,Prestessing layout,
  • Prestressing elements, prestressing, Grouting,Jacks,External prestressing technology,Prestressing losses,Concept of loss,Classification of losses (initial and long-term losses),Initial Prestressing losses,Frictional looses,Elastic shortening losses,Anchorage drawn-in losses,Transmission lengths,Initial internal forces due to prestressing,Prestressing strategies,Long-term Prestressing losses,Historical introduction,Concrete creep and shrinkage,Steel relaxation,
  • Ultimate limit state of normal stresses, shear stresses,Coursework submission,Anchorage zones,Prestressed concrete slabs


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